Voluspa Haul

Y’all know I love beauty products, but did you know I’m also candle crazy? Voluspa is a brand we carry at Anthropologie and I liked some of the scents we carry (Goji Berry, Santiago Huckleberry and Baltic Amber) but I was really looking for something different and I saw they were having a sale! I had never ordered from Voluspa before so I signed up for their email list and got a free gift! Here’s my haul.



Everything came individually wrapped which was super fun to open like Christmas presents. It was also packaged really well so none of the glass would break.



Creme de Peche – All of the vessels in this sent are on sale except this large glass jar right now. This scent is made of “CRÈME DE PECHE WITH NOTES OF ASIAN WHITE PEACH, NECTARINE AND CRUSHED VANILLA BEAN”. I just started burning it recently and I love the mix of fruit and vanilla for a sweet but not overly so scent. The kind of creamy orange vessel is also so pretty! I have found Voluspa candles to burn very evenly and to have a great throw. 


Nissho Soleil – This is part of the Japonica collection which we sell at Anthro and the tin has a beautiful metallic floral design inspired by Japanese paper making. The description really caught my attention “TOPPED BY NOTES OF SUN KISSED PINEAPPLE AND TANGERINE, SOLEIL IS ANCHORED BY VOLUSPA’S SIGNATURE CREAMY VANILLA. A DAY AT THE BEACH IN A BOTTLE”. Sounds perfect for summer! On cold sniff it is very light and pretty. All of their candles use coconut wax and a paraben, sulfate, and phalate free with 100% cotton wicks. They also never test on animals. 


French Bourbon Vanille – This is a gourmand scent from their holiday collection. The packaging is a gorgeous glass vermeil jar with metallic overlay inspired by fine jewelry. It really has an antique vibe! This scent has “FRAGRANCE NOTES OF VANILLA BEANS GROUND AND DISTILLED FOR EXTRACT”. It’s lighter than I thought it would be but should be really nice burning. 


Mandarino Cannela – This gorgeous mini tin was my GWP and I’ve already burned through it! It’s small but really puts off a fragrance. I burned it with a complimentary candle. The scent is “ITALIAN MANDARIN ORANGE TOPS A CREAM HEART OF VANILLA CINNAMON, FINISHED WITH NUTMEG AND STEM GINGER.” So it’s kind of a spice tea scent!

I love the scents that I picked out just from reading the descriptions online! The only downside is that there are not reviews on the website. They are different than my usual Bath and Body Works picks although more pricey. If you can catch them on a sale it’s perfect for a candle lover. There are a few more scents on my wish list for next time too!


Bath and Body Works Fall Haul

Happy Halloween everyone! Today I will be at a brunch with some girlfriends and then working at Anthro while my husband is at his brother’s bachelor party. I hope you have a super spooky day!

Bath and Body Works is my go to place for soaps, candles, wall plug ins and sometimes body products too! I really love their wide variety of scents and get excited when a new collection comes out. Fall is the best time to burn candles so I had to restock my pumpkin and spicy scents. I bought all this over the course of a few weeks, not all at one time!

photo 2-107

The Pumpkin Pecan Waffles candle is super sweet and I really think the malted aspect of the waffle comes out the most. It’s a great sweet and cozy scent that really fills the room. I also picked up some soaps in Bright Autumn Day, Meyer Lemon, Maple Sugar Kiss and Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte. Personally I like the foaming formula the best so I bought them all like that. I know y’all probably know this but never buy a candle at full price – they run promos pretty often to get 2 for $12. Soaps are usually 4 or 5 for $18. Always check out the coupons and deals!


I then went a little candle crazy! Brown Sugar Allspice smells like a nutmeg wallflower from a few years ago that is no longer available. It’s very spicy and smells like something yummy baking. Leaves is a classic apple and spice scent, and I love the gradient color packaging on this one. We Love Pumpkin is a layered candle that I had never seen online before. I think it’s so fun that you get three scents in one! From top to bottom is Creamy Pumpkin, Roasted Pumpkin Butter, and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin! The Pumpkin Butter scent is very intriguing because that is not available as a stand alone scent. This candle smells very indulgent and perfect for fall!


These are my most recent purchases. I have been waiting and waiting for the cozy comfort fragrances to come out. I smelled all three and wasn’t super impressed. I did buy a Wrapped In Comfort body cream for a gift though. That same day new candles came out and new soaps. Now I don’t really NEED more soaps but I decided to get some (it’s a whole new collection)! I picked up Cranberry Citrus & Sage and Honeyed Pineapple Pumpkin. These were the two most interesting scents from the collection for me. The packaging is also super pretty.

That’s it for fall so far (minus some wallflowers I forgot to take a picture of; I’m really loving the Caramel Pumpkin Swirl wallflower). Stay tuned for a Christmas haul I’m sure!

Bath and Body Works Haul

Bath and Body Works recently had their big semi annual sale so of course I used a coupon to pick up some new summer scents. Here’s the haul!

photo 3-80

Their foaming soap is my favorite formula and I had never smelled any from this new collection yet. I read the descriptions and just decided to go for it! Thankfully I like all of these scents. Driftwood Surf is a blend of nectarine blossom, ocean driftwood and warm amber. Perfect Beach Day is blend of watery melon, young coconut and sparkling bergamot. Sunrise Sail is a blend of fresh orange, crushed cranberries and creamy vanilla. I think this is my favorite of the bunch! Seaside Sunset is a blend of dewy pear, peony petals and sun-kissed peach.

photo 4-71

Wallflowers are a great way to scent your home 24/7. When people walk into my apartment they always comment on how good it smells thanks to these little guys! I picked up Island Colada, Brilliant Citrus and Sunset Beach. Sunset Beach was my favorite candle last summer – it’s a great blend of pineapple, papaya and sugarcane.

photo 5-63

I picked up a green loofah because you can never have too many of these. I went off the reviews for this Mango Dragonfruit candle and it smells great! It’s very tropical and perfect for summer.

Did you get any great deals during the SAS? I’ve also heard talk on the blogosphere (thanks mom for the heads up) that the next candle collection coming out in early August is called Cork and Vine. Personally I’m excited for Sparkling Pear Riesling!

Bath and Body Works Haul

About a month ago I made a BBW haul and never posted it….then last week the 3 wick candles were $8 (?!?!?!?!?) so I thought I would show you what scents I picked out for both hauls.

photo 1-32

Y’all I LOVE their hand soaps! I chose Cozy Vanilla Cream, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Honeyed Nectarine, Brown Sugar & Carrots, and Pear Wood Cider.

photo 2-31

I grabbed some wallflowers too: Cranberry Woods, Pumpkin Apple, Leaves, and Caramel Pumpkin Swirl.

photo 3-29

Look at this cute little owl wallflower! The best part? It lights up so it’s also a nightlight!

photo 2-35

And here’s my holiday candle haul! Spiced Apple Toddy, Tis the Season, and Champagne Toast. I love the beautiful striped packaging they did on some of the candles this year. The only drawback is that they don’t have lids. Once I use up some more of my 3 wicks though they will have lids!

Right now BBW is having their semi annual sale on line and in stores! Select 3 wicks candles are $10, body cream and body care $3, and soaps half off. So get to shopping!