Rocksbox #6

Rocksbox is a monthly jewelry box subscription where you are renting the pieces for $19 a month. You decide what to keep and when to send it back to get another box. They use some well known brands (Kendra Scott, Loren Hope) and some new and private label brands. Here is my last box.





Loren Hope Small Sarra Cuff in Crystal – Cost to keep $61. This was by far my favorite item in the box. I love the bronze metal paired with the crystals. It also fit my wrist well. I wore this several times – it was easy to dress up or down. Sadly the cost was still too high for me.


Perry Street Leah Necklace – Cost to keep $39. I just didn’t love this one – I felt like the quality and style just weren’t there. I only wore this one time. It felt very lightweight and not at all high end. I would not pay $39 for this.


Urban Gem Double Bar Ear Jacket – Cost to keep $22. I requested an ear jacket because it’s a very popular trend that I haven’t tried out yet. I was very underwhelmed by these. I was expecting something fun and sparkly but instead got minimal which is not really my style. I did not wear these at all.

This box was not my best one but still had a great piece. At this point my last 3 month subscription was up and I chose not to renew. I would rather buy pieces I love from Anthropologie or spend those dollars on makeup!


Rocksbox #5

Rocksbox is such a fun subscription – each month they send you as much jewelery as you want to borrow! It’s $19 a month and if you want to get your first month free to test it out, use code ZARABFF5 when you sign up. Here’s what I got to wear!

photo 2-99

They changed the bow from black to coral – what a fun surprise!

photo 3-89

Perry Street Jane Necklace ($59 to keep) – I have gravitated away from sliver jewelry but this one is very fun! The bold blue design was fun to wear and different than anything I have. I wore it to my mom’s birthday lunch and she asked to borrow it!

photo 1-106

photo 4-79

Perry Street Bethany Necklance ($44 to keep) – I tired to like this necklace but I just really didn’t. It’s silver and somehow this design just doesn’t work for me. I also wish they would have send another brand rather than two from Perry Street.

photo 5-70

Kendra Scott Fran Earring in Pink Agate ($52 to keep) – YAY more Kendra! I had been wanting hot pink earrings for sometime and these fit the bill! I had such fun wearing these that I had to keep them and use my shine spend!

I found another winner this month – keep em coming Rocksbox!

Rocksbox #4

I am still loving Rocksbox! If you want fun new jewelry each month by great brands (Kendra Scott, Loren Hope) then this subscription is for you! It’s $19 a month (less if you get a longer sub) and you can send back your box as many times in that month as you want! Use code ZARABFF5 when you sign up to get your first month for FREE!

photo 1-98

photo 2-95

photo 3-86

photo 4-76

Loren Hope Carson Cuff ($70 to keep) – I really enjoyed wearing this cuff! The bronze metal kind of gives it a tough but glam feel paired with the crystals. It was adjustable so it fit my wrist well.

photo 5-67

Perry Street Olivia Necklace ($60 to keep) – This is from the private label brand by Rocksbox and I love it! My mom actually got this in her box a while back and I wore it and decided I needed it too! I requested it and am so glad I got it. Again it has the bronze paired with crystals and I just love the look if it. It adds a pop of glam to almost any outfit. I ended up buying this and using my shine spend on it.


Perry Street Charlotte Earrings ($20 to keep) – These were kind of a miss for me, but I still wore them a few times. I guess I just don’t like the design of them or the yellow gold setting. I like how everything in this box is neutral so you could wear each piece with anything though.

Every box I am consistently impressed with the curation and quality of items! I highly recommend you give Rocksbox a try!

Rocksbox #3

I really enjoyed my most recent Rocksbox – I actually used my shine spend to keep a piece! If you’re not familiar with Rocksbox it’s a subscription service where for $19 a month you get to borrow high quality jewelry. You can send your box back as many times as you want in a month to get more baubles. If you love a piece then keep it – you get $10 shine spend each month! Sign up to get your first month free using code ZARABFF5.

photo 1-76

photo 3-61

photo 1-85


Kendra Scott Elle Earrings in Chalcedony – I love this pretty mint color! I requested something by Kendra Scott and I’m so glad they listened. This was the item I kept and used my shine spend on.


Perry Street Laurel Necklace – At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this longer statement necklace but after I wore it a few times, I love it! I was really tempted to keep this too because I don’t have anything like it. You’ll probably get something by Perry Street in every box because it is Rocksbox’s private brand. Which also means it is exclusive to them and you won’t see these anywhere else!


Margaret Elizabeth Amalfi Bangle in Labradorite – I really love the multifacted grey stone on this bracelet, but unfortunately it was a little big for my wrist so I only wore it once. My mom recently got a pendant necklace with this same stone and I love it! I requested it for my next box so we’ll see if I get it.

Rocksbox has really fast shipping so I should get a new set soon! I love getting to try out new styles and brands of jewelry without having to actually buy it all!

Makeup with Nancy Salcedo

Hi everyone! I have exciting news…this is my first collaboration! I have known Nancy for years because she is the little sis of my friend Tess. Nancy went to a makeup school in California and I haven’t gotten to see her skills in action yet and I know we both LOVE makeup so I thought hmmm let’s get together!

I’ve had this MAKE palette since I bought the Birchbox Limited Edition Vanity Affair Box back in November (it’s still available here) or you can buy the exclusive to BB palette here on it’s own. I also peppered her with questions about makeup application in general and what products she uses. I got the full works from her and it looked amazing!

Makeup Edit 4

Makeup Edit 5

Makeup Edit 2

My top is from Anthropologie and is still available – Glimmered Tee in copper by Bordeaux. It comes in five colors, three of which we carry in our store at Northpark. It’s the perfect tee to dress up or down and I love the swingy shape. My necklace is available exclusively from Rocksbox – Laurel necklace by Perry Street. It’s a very different and fun statement necklace. Rocksbox is $19 a month and you get three fun jewelry pieces at a time to try out, then you send it back for another box! If you sign up use code ZARABFF5 to get your first month free – totally worth it!

Makeup Edit 3

First Nancy put on foundation using a brush – she used Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation in the lightest shade and Make Up Forever High Definition Foundation in a slightly darker shade to get the perfect color match. I asked her if using a primer was important and she said not for everyday, but could be good for special occasions.

Makeup Edit 6

Next she buffed everything out and mattified using this Revlon Nearly Naked powder in 010 fair. I was happy to see her using so many drug store finds – I can easily pick these up next time I’m grocery shopping.

Makeup Edit 7

Makeup Edit 8

Contouring is something I thought was difficult but Nancy made it really easy using this palette by Kat Von D. She used the light brown shade in the middle of the top row in the hollows of my cheeks from my ear to mid cheek, and up near my temples. The key is to BLEND so it looks natural and adds a touch of warmth. I could also use my normal Smashbox bronzer instead.

Makeup Edit 9

After applying a little blush to my cheeks she used this MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Hilighter which I actually already owned in the color Lightscapade. Put some on the top of your cheek bones and on the bridge of your nose for a nice glow.

Makeup Edit 10

Makeup Edit 11

Now on to the good stuff – using this awesome eyeshadow palette! Nancy used some of the foundation as an eye primer. She said to always use an eye primer to set everything. First she put the tan shimmery color on the left side called Bentonite Clay as a base color all over my lid. Next she used the dark gray in the bottom right corner called Cast Iron using a fluffy eyeshadow brush to to put it in my crease. Then she used the crazy dark blue on the right called Midnight also on my outer crease. The key again is to BLEND! She went back in with the gray and tan until it was perfectly blended. The light cream shadow in the upper left corner is called Alabaster is is very glittery – this was applied to my lid. This look was great for a night out!

Makeup Edit 12

Time for some liner – Nancy used Maybelline Eyestudio Color Tattoo 24 hour black gel liner. She used a small liner brush to apply this right above my lashes.

Makeup Edit 13

To boost up the drama and plump up my lashes Nancy applied these individual lashes by Ardell that you can get at CVS or other drug stores. I love the way these made my eyes look – they really opened them up. Nancy says she likes these more than strip lashes because they look more natural. Then she put another coat of mascara on to make them pop – she likes Loreal’s Voluminous Original. For my eyebrows she used a little powder to add color and then I introduced her to my favorite product Benefit’s Gimme Brow. It’s a tinted gel that adds color and holds the shape.

Makeup Edit 14

On my lips we chose a natural pink to offset my bold eye look. She used a pink Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar and then layered a Revlon gloss over it for a subtle shimmer. For the finishing touch Nancy applied a makeup setting spray, and ta da my look was complete!

Makeup Edit 15

Nancy does makeup for weddings, senior pictures, date night or whatever event you might need her for. I highly recommend her if you are in the Dallas area! Contact her at and follow her Instagram nancysalcedomakeup for fun makeup looks. She also does amazing Youtube vidoes – check them out! I hope you enjoyed my first collaboration – thanks so much for reading!

Rocksbox #2

This is my second set from Rocksbox which is $19 per month. If you don’t know it’s a subscription box where you get jewelry to borrow for the month – then you can either keep it at a discounted price or send it back, My request was for some statement earrings. Here’s a look at what I got.

photo 1-76

Like last time I am impressed with their packaging – it looks very clean and professional. Also the returns process was very quick and easy. You just use the packaging and shipping label that they provide.

photo 2-75

photo 3-69

House of Harlow 1960 Trapezio Drop Earrings – I have seen this brand before and have liked some other styles so I was excited to see what I was getting (I believe it is either owned or designed by Nicole Ritchie). However these were not the kind of statement earrings I was expecting. I like color – I was hoping for something big and sparkly and Bauble Bar esque. I wore these once and wasn’t wowed.

photo 4-62

photo 5-53

Margaret Elizabeth Faceted Cocktail Ring in Aqua Chalcedony – This is very pretty but also very pricey – my keep cost was $94. I had never heard of this brand before so that was a plus. I like the color a lot but the cost and the fact that it was a little big hindered me from purchasing.

photo 1-77

Ashiana London Hammered Gold Layered Necklace – I wore this twice and actually really liked it. It’s different from any other necklace I have because of the layers and gold medallions.

Another great thing about Rocksbox is that you get $10 of Shine Spend each month to use on anything in your box, but this money doesn’t roll over. If you want to try out Rocksbox use the code ZARABFF5 to get the first month for free – if you’re not sold you can cancel after that but I’ll bet you will love it! The brands they use are high quality and on trend. If you have any other questions leave me a comment!


Rocksbox is a jewelry subscription service where you are essentially renting their jewelry. It is $19 a month but you can keep a box of jewelry for up to two months at a time. Or you can send back your box as often as you like to try out new pieces! You take a quiz and fill out a style profile for your stylist to match you with great pieces. You can also create a wishlist of potential items to get. My stylist chose 2 items from my wishlist for my first box. Here’s what I got! Also their packaging is gorgeous!

photo 1-68

photo 2-67

photo 3-61

photo 4-55

photo 2-68

They include a card detailing each item and how much it will cost you to keep it. All items you automatically get a small discount on. In addition to that you get $10 each month of shine spend to use one something in your box or the Rocksbox store – this does not roll over.

photo 5-48

Wanderlust + Co Orbit Gold Ring – I loved this piece so much I ended up keeping it! It is just the sort of dainty yet edgy everyday ring I have been looking for. I wear mostly gold tones so this fits right in. I have worn it many times since getting my box. This ring turns my finger green just a little bit after wearing it all day, but that is ok with me. I still love it.

photo 1-69

Gorjana Taner Ear Climbers – They sell this brand on Birchbox so I had heard of it before, and I had seen some trendy girls at work wearing this type of earring and I wanted to try it out. The earring does not dangle straight down but rather go up you earlobe horizontally for a very edgy yet subtle look. I have only worn them a couple of times (with my hair up) but have felt very cool in doing so. I almost decided to keep these too but ultimately will be sending them back.

photo 3-62

Perry Street Scarlett Necklace – This is actually by Rocksboxs’ private label brand. I think it is very pretty although I have only worn it once. It has turquoise, nave, white and crystal stones with a gold chain. Come to think of it Easter would have been a good time to wear it. It is a little dressy for everyday wear and reminds me of J. Crew pieces. As the most expensive item in the box I did not purchase it.

I really enjoyed this first month of Rocksbox and looking forward to see what I get next! I think this is a unique subscription service that lets you have the power to try new things and decide what to keep so you’re not stuck with something you don’t like. They also include a preprinted return slip that you put on the package they sent you to easily send it back when you want. You then rate each item so your stylist knows what to send you next. They have a wide range of designer fashion jewelry to pick from – I think there is something for everyone. If you would like to try your first month for free, use code ZARABFF5 when signing up!