April Julep Maven

Julep’s theme for April is the Paradise collection they brought in new lipstick colors and brow products!

photo 2-74

photo 1-75

I love being able to customize my box to get just what I want! In this case polish and lipstick only – no brow products because I already use one I like.

photo 3-68

Randi – pink plumeria creme, everyone needs a great hot pink in their collection and this one was calling my name!

Cassidy – bodi blue creme, I don’t usually like cremes so much but this one is very pretty!

photo 4-61

Angie – silver linear liquid holographic, this was an add on and the wonder Maven polish of the month. That means it’s named after a real person who was nominated by her friend. Very cool! I thought this holographic color was different than anything I have.

Blakely – purple and green molten, this was a surprise add on. I like this color but I feel like it is similar to one I already have so I’m trying to swap.

photo 5-52

Lip Gloss in Vivid – iridescent burgundy shimmer,this was my free surprise for choosing 3 add ons in my box. I have never used their lipgloss before and I’m not so sure about this color but I think I still want to try it out.


Light on Your Lips Lipstick in Twirl – carnation pink creme, I like the formula of this lipstick and I think it’s a great color!


Light on Your Lips Lipstick in Girl Code – dragonfruit creme, what can I say I love pink lipstick so this was an add on. I seemed to have misplaced it since I got my box though. Sorry about that!

I thought this was a fun month with some great, bright colors! This will be my last Julep box for a while because I am overflowing with nail polish. Maybe after I take a break for a while I’ll miss it!


March Julep Maven

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you get to spend time with your family and celebrate the glorious day that our Christ was risen! I’m heading to Houston to spend time with my in-laws.

Julep Maven March was the Pop! collection and they came out with the Light on Your Lips Lipsticks in several colors. I love lipstick so I knew I had to get one. There were a few other fun beauty products I decided to try out as add ons to use up my Jules (like points).

photo 1-59

photo 3-54

Lulu – wisteria mist soft focus (semi matte), this is a new finish for Julep so I wanted to try that but also I just love purple

Ali – hint of mint soft focus, a gorgeous light blue color for spring

 photo 4-48

Francis – Celery green creme, this was a mystery add on for me and unfortunately I do not like this color. It will be going to swap.

Lilou – lemon chiffon creme, this was a special gift Julep included for me picking 3 add ons. I was excited to see what they would include but I do not like this color either.

photo 2-58

Fluid Eye Glider – This is their version of a liquid liner with a felt tip pen. I like it and it works well! I got this as an add on.

CTRL + Z Eye Makeup Eraser – They marketed this as the perfect tool to go with the liquid liner to fix any mistakes. I had never seen something like this before so I wanted to try it out, and got is as an add on. It works, but leaves a slightly oily residue (could be because it contains jojoba and chamomile oils to soothe). The felt tip is also pretty grainy and uncomfortable to use on the eye. Not sure how much use I will get out of this.

photo 5-42

Light on Your Lips Lipstick in Happy Hour – I love this! It is a creamy magenta color that is slightly matte. I had to reapply throughout the day but it felt nice on the lips. The cap has a magnetic closure so it doesn’t accidentally open in your purse (which has happened to me before). I liked it so much I’m trying out two other colors in my April box.

They also included a little candy.

I bought a couple of items from the Secret Store which opens to Mavens around the first of the month.

photo 1-60

photo 2-59

Sawyer – copper patina molten, these two were part of a mystery duo. This is kind of an interesting color but I don’t love it.

Ryan – overcast teal satin, this is very pretty but I think I have a color similar to this.

photo 3-55

Liza – aquamarine for March, I love the iridescent blue shimmer! It is part of the birthstone collection and the polish I really wanted from the secret store. This also has a gold cap and the whole thing reminds me of Cinderella. It is a very gorgeous color.

If you are interested in getting some great polish and beauty products in a box that is completely customizable, you can sign up here! My boxes are $19,99 a month and totally worth it!

February Julep Maven

February’s Maven box was the Afterglow Collection – I thought it had a great mix of colors. The new beauty products for the month were a powder hilighter and a undereye cream hilighter. I really love Julep because you can customize the box to get exactly what you want. Here’s what I picked out!

photo 1-54

photo 5-37

As usual they included a coupon to use on full price purchases (sad you can’t use these in the secret store!).


Hartleigh – holographic heart glitter top coat, this was free for all Mavens! I was so happy to get this! What a fun polish for Valentine’s day or any day. There is pink, red and white glitter with little hearts. It looks so beautiful.

photo 3-49

photo 4-43

Becky – oil slick duo chrome silk, this polish is so fun! Sometimes it looks purple, sometimes teal, and then also gray. Very unusual color.

Hazel – wild violet and bronze duochrome, this is so gorgeous too! I’m a sucker for a purple.

photo 2-53

Illume Face and Eye Brightener, Champagne – this is a lightweight eye illuminator that helps cover dark circles. The color isn’t 100% right for me but I still like it. I think it is a good hilighter. It is similar to a eye BB cream I have by Smashbox except without SPF and more shimmer.

photo 1-55

photo 2-54

Neither color matches super great, but I think I like the Julep one more. Both have a twist up application with a nail polish like end.

That’s it for this month! If you want to sign up for Julep Maven you can do that here!

Beauty Haul

Hi everyone! Here’s a few beauty products I’m loving right now.

photo 1-44

I bought this fun Mirenesse set called Sydney, I Love You from Birchbox – it’s an exclusive. I’m a sucker for lip cream tints and I had heard from a friend that this was a good one. It is an amazing sample! Very creamy, with a bold color that really lasts. It didn’t dry out my lips and smelled awesome. This set comes in two other colors. This mascara also gets great reviews on Birchbox so I’ll get around to trying it sometime. It’s a great value set with a full size mascara and this size of lip rouge will last me a while.

photo 2-42 photo 3-39

I used a credit I had to get this set from the Secret Store – I love their Sea Salt spray! It isn’t available all the time on their site so I decided to stock up. It is paraben and sulfate free, is moisturizing, protects from sun damage, smells great and does not make my hair crunchy. It really adds a little volume to my hair when I sleep on it wet – helps to achieve that pretty wavy look. I recommend this over the famous Bumble and Bumble spray.

photo 5-31

OK who doesn’t love free samples from Sephora…no one!!! The First Aid Beauty cleanser I used my points to get along with the Bite High Pigment Pencil in Pomegranate. This lippy is amazing! I love the color, way it smells, feels and it stays on really well. I highly recommend you check it out. Any new beauty finds you’re loving lately?

January Julep Maven

photo 1-45

January’s theme was Metamorphic and I chose more makeup items than polish this month – I feel like I’m swimming in polish sometimes. Their Lip Luxe was the new product for this month but I didn’t choose it because I also have a ton of lipgloss and I prefer colored over a sheer tint.

photo 2-43

The little extra for this month was Junior Mints which I shared with my husband and there is a 30% off coupon which expires today so happy shopping!

photo 3-40

For the first time since I’ve been subscribed every subscriber that opted in through email got a free polish! These are new for this month and there were three colors of this metamorphic top coat. It’s very sheer and shimmery and they say it can go over any polish to change the effect. I love this perk!

photo 4-35

Plush Pout Lip Crayon – I got one of these a couple month’s ago and loved it! I customized my box to get Cardinal Red for when I want a bold look. I love how creamy, smooth and moisturizing these are. Also the vanilla smell is delicious.

Margit – Mushroom with rose shimmer, I just put this color on recently and I love it! It is a gorgeous gray with a subtle shimmer that sort of gives it a purpley look – different than any other color I have.

photo 2-44

Orbital Eyeshadow – Earthshine, tree bark with chrome pearlescence. I really liked the shadow from last month and wanted to try a neutral color – this one is very pretty. The packaging is still hard to open.

photo 1

In a sneak peek for next month, every Maven is getting this beautiful glitter heart polish called Hartleigh! I’m hoping the trend of free polishes continues every month. My subscription was up for renewal this month and this is part of the reason why I stuck around. I also love that they come out with at least one new makeup item each month. If you like what you see you can sign up here with my referral code!

December Julep Maven

Another month, another Julep Maven box!

photo 1-37

photo 2-36

Gel Eye Glider in Smoky Taupe Shimmer – I loved last months teal liner so I decided to try out a fun and different color. This is a shimmery grayish purplish color. It is light but gorgeous and has great staying power!

photo 3-33

Orbital Eyeshadow in Supernova – These shadows are the new product launch for the month and there are some great colors. The cool thing about them is that they are one color with a shimmer over it – this is described as charcoal with electric orchid pearlescence. I liked this shimmery gray color and would like to try more of these. The only bummer is the packaging – it was really hard to open!

photo 4-29

Warm Wishes Trio – This set was an add on and I used my Jules (points) to get this for free! I mostly wanted it for the gorgeous glitter color called Love. It is a gold, pearl and fuchsia microglitter and I love it. It also came with Hope, stark white satin, and Peace, rich red velvet creme.

photo 5-27

I got some peppermints and a coupon for 30% off with code THIRTYOFF. Next month Julep is introducing a new lip gloss and their secret store should be opening soon if you’re a Maven. Right now they are having some great savvy deals with up to 85% off! Get to shopping and if you want to become a Maven sign up here!

November Julep Maven

This month’s Maven theme was Friendsgiving. There were some beautiful colors! Let’s see what I got.


photo 1-31

photo 2-30

photo 5-22

I think Julep does a good job with their shimmery polishes so I picked two out. Marla is actually from last month but since I can customize my box I added this one in. Not sure if I will keep or gift it yet.

Marla – Burgundy velvet with silver shimmer

Devon – Slate gray with fuchsia microshimmer

photo 4-24 photo 3-28

These gel eye glider are pretty new to Julep and I love colored liner so I decided to give it a try. I really like it! The color is so pretty and it goes on very smooth and dries fast for an all day stay.

Gel Eye Glider – Regal Teal

That was it for November! You can sign up to be a Maven here for $20 a month. The box is customizable and there are plenty of great polishes and makeup items to choose from! They also brought back their skip a month option. Once you’re a Maven everything on the site is discounted as well. Happy shopping!

Trick & Treat Julep Mystery Box

Hi there – sorry it’s been a while since my last post. I guess I’ve just been busy…you know how that goes. Anyway, I thought I would still share about some of the boxes I’ve gotten. So I really do like the Julep Mystery Boxes – I think they are always a great value. Let’s take a look at the Halloween box.

photo 1-27

photo 2-26

I got several products I’ve never tried before – yay!

Brilliance Glycolic Hand Scrub – I haven’t used this yet but my hands are actually feeling a little dry right now so I might try it out after I finish this post! I don’t have a scrub that is specifically for hands so that’s fun.

Julep Nail Mask – This is kind of a cool idea that you slip these little things over your fingers and they are supposed to moisturize your nails and cuticles with all sorts of vitamins and oils. I also just read on the website that they are touchscreen friendly which is really cool.

photo 3-24

Luxe Care Hand Creme – I have received this is another mystery box and I like it. It is pretty rich so I put it on before bed. At first I didn’t like the scent but now I have gotten used to it. I will probably gift this to a friend though.

photo 4-20

Faye – liquid bronze shimmer, I just used this last week over Thanksgiving and it is really pretty. I’ve never used any color close to a brown so I was pleasantly surprised that I liked this.

Blank Canvas Mattifying Eye Primer – I actually don’t have an eye primer, still haven’t used it yet but that’s besides the point. There hasn’t been a time yet when I felt like my shadow needed to go the extra mile. But when I do, I’ll be ready! This is actually nude colored which I was a little surprised about because other eye primers that I’ve seen go on clear.

photo 5-19

Valerie – teal with iridescent microglitter, in the bottle it looks teal but when I put it on on Saturday it looks like a dark green with a goldish shimmer which was good because Baylor was playing that day and won. All because of my nail polish.


Beatrix – coal black with multidimensional glitter, I saw this on the site and loved it and almost ordered it but I’m so glad I didn’t! It is SO pretty. I used it over a gray polish and it looked great.

Josephine – deep teal gray cream, can’t say I was wowed by this one because I feel like it looks like one I might already have. It will be gifted!

Overall I loved this box – not very Halloween themed but that’s ok. It had some great products that I’ve never tried and some beautiful polishes. The value was around $90 maven dollars. I think these boxes are a great gamble and a steal! Join Julep Maven to get monthly boxes of fun polishes and beauty products!

October Julep Maven

I really liked the Julep Maven colors this month so I had to get a lot! The box had a fun Halloween theme and really got me ready for the holiday!

photo 1-24 photo 2-23

photo 3-21

They included a $10 off coupon when you spend $20!

photo 4-17

Shailene – bewitched purple with gold flecks, this looks so vampy, dark and fun!

Dana – white with electric blue sheen (black light reactive), I didn’t have a white in my collection! This one is so pretty and if I ever go to a black light party it would be perfect! (This was an add on to the box).

photo 5-17

Nancy – silvery sage metallic, I just loved this fun silver green!

DeAnn – ripe loganberry creme, a gorgeous fall pinky red.

Now for the other half of my huge box – I added on the Mommy’s Little Monster box!

photo 2-24 photo 1-25

Fun Halloween packaging and candy corn!!!

photo 4-18

Katerina – pixie multidimensional iridescent top coat, I gifted this one because I wasn’t crazy about it.

Tatiana – golden burnt orange microglitter, I don’t usually like orange but this is gorgeous! I will for sure be using this throughout fall.

Dahlia – goldenrod microglitter, also a very gorgeous color and I didn’t have any yellow in my collection

photo 3-22

Freedom Polymer Top Coat – This is a quick dry coat that apparently makes a gel like finish. I’m happy with my current Essie top coat so I gifted this to a friend.

Black Cat Decals – These are almost the main reason why I got the box – they’re so cute!!


I had a lot of fun making candy corn nails with this month’s selections!

Julep Haul

Once a month if you’re a Julep Maven subscriber they have a secret store with discounted prices. Here’s my picks!

photo 1-13

photo 2-12

Bare Body Milk – This is a fairly new Julep product and it is much more lightweight than a normal lotion. It is supposed to skin into skin fast, and I agree that it does. It has milk thistle, olive oil, grapefruit oil and orange peel for moisturizing and brightening skin effects. It has a nice floral scent and this is a huge bottle which will last me a while.

Bare Body Polish – This is not a sugar scrub, but seems to be a very moisturizing scrub with most of the same ingredients as the body milk. It also has aloe and shea butter. I haven’t tried it yet as I am thinking about gifting it – I don’t use polishes very often.

photo 3-11

Jet – Jet Black Creme. I don’t have a black polish! This will be great for Halloween or a chic fall/winter look.

Rita – I didn’t see this color online, but it is a gorgeous raspberry shimmer.

Sienna – Sophisticated, shimmery gold. I already have some golds – I really just wanted the other two.

So on the Julep app each day there is a Secret Score – products at a discounted price. I saw a deal recently I couldn’t pass up.

photo 5-13

Mask Noir – $26.50 (Maven prices listed) An antioxidant-rich peel-off black mask that leaves skin smoother, brighter, and deeply hydrated. I haven’t tried this but it got good reviews on the website – everyone said it made their skin much softer but it was pricey.

Blank Canvas Mattifying Face Primer – $22.40 This age-defying primer creates a smooth, even canvas for gorgeous makeup that lasts all day. Y’all I seriously love this stuff – that’s why I ordered the package. I love the way it smells, and melts into my skin – unlike other primers. It’s made with plant materials that I think really helps to keep the oil at bay as best it can. I needed a backup!

Green Tea Facial Blotting Papers – Perfect for midday touch ups, these natural linen blotting papers absorb oil and shine without removing makeup. I don’t see these online but I bet they’re worth about $5. I can never have too many of these – I keep them in my purse and use 1 a day.

That’s a total of $53.90 that I got for $15! I really just wanted a good deal on the primer but get to try two other products as well! Super excited about this score.

About once a month Julep releases a mystery box – sometimes they tell you an item in it and sometimes not. These are good for people who are trying to build their Julep collection and are usually a mix of nail polish and their other products. I decided to get their Jewel Heist Mystery Box. Usually you can’t use coupons on these, but after reading on My Subscription Addiction I decided to try my %50 off code and it worked! I got this box for $12.50.

photo 1-18

Night Night Overnight Repair for Hands – Reg $48 but on sale for $19.99 This set contains the Luxe Care hand creme and the Luxe Repair skin serum. The serum can be used on face and hands. I tried a little of both and they melted right into my skin. The creme has a light scent that I wasn’t wild about – but it was very thick. The only thing I don’t like is the jar packaging because the ingredients deteriorate after being exposed to air. Other than that I am very happy about this set – two products I haven’t tried yet!

photo 2-17

Faye – $11.20 Maven, Liquid bronze shimmer, I don’t have any brown polish so I think I’ll keep it! It looks really pretty online.

Francis – $11.20 Maven, Celery green creme, I don’t have a polish exactly this shade but I’m not loving it. I prefer a shimmer over a creme. I think I’ll gift it.

Nadia – $4.99 sale, Sun kissed golden frost, I don’t have any yellow so I’ll keep it.

photo 3-16

Lip Vernis in Peony – $5.99 sale, Nude blush creme gloss, I love gloss so I am very excited to try this. Hopefully it’s a good formula!

Padma – $11.20 Maven, Royal Plum creme, Even though purple is my favorite color I feel like I already have a polish similar to this so I will gift it. It is very pretty and fall appropriate though!

 So in total this box amounts to $64.57 (with sale amounts)! That’s a great steal for the $12.50 price I paid. Overall I like these boxes and would keep getting them every once in a while. They are always hit or miss but this one was pretty much a hit for me.

Those are my recent Julep hauls (ordered over a period of time, not all at once!). Gotten anything good from Julep lately?