Le Tote

Le Tote is a clothing rental service that a friend at work recommended. She had a free month for a friend so I decided to try it out. I ended up not returning it in time and got charged so it wasn’t exactly free…but here’s my review!


It comes packaged very nicely with a addressed return envelope. It’s $60 per month and you can get as many packages as you want during that time. You could have a new box every month! You favorite things on the website then you can swap out things in your box for those if they are available. I swapped out every clothing item in my box to get what I wanted.


Ava Penelope Dress – This would cost $64 to keep. I went outside the box with this super bright orange dress. It’s more preppy than I would normally pick too. It was fun to wear once but I would’t want to keep it. All the clothes come dry cleaned, but they had a strange chemical smell to them that I disliked.



Eight Sixty Floral Wrap Blouse – $60 to keep. This was my favorite thing in the box but I still wouldn’t pay that much to keep (I’ve been spoiled by my Anthro discount). There was also a little tear at the hem so I couldn’t anyway. The style was pretty flattering though.



Collective Concepts Stencil Butterfly Top – $44 to keep which I think is a more reasonable price. I don’t have many wrap tops in my closet so I wanted to try the style out. I love the color and print.



Octavia & Co Aqua Stones Fringe Pendant – $38 to keep which is pretty reasonable for costume jewelry. I love the colors but it’s just sort of an awkward shape that I didn’t wear much.



Noir Luxe Button Tassel Earrings – $18 to keep which is very reasonable! I wore these once, they just weren’t really my style.

Overall I didn’t love Le Tote. The styles seemed geared more to someone who works in a office and the brands seemed like you could find them at Dillard’s. Also I was getting my tote during the summer but I had a hard time finding summer styles – barely any sleeveless items or casual dresses! I also would rather get clothes that I keep than rent them – that’s just an odd concept to me. I guess it would work for some people but just not for me.

Stitch Fix #2

Stitch Fix is a clothing subscription box that can come as often or as far apart as you want. You complete a survey about your style and what you’re looking for, then they charge a $20 styling fee and 5 items show up on your front door! You can link your Pinterest page so your stylist gets a better idea of what your style is like. There is also a place to leave notes if you are wanting something specific. This time I left specific notes and they really paid attention to them. Once you decide what to keep, your styling fee is subtracted from the total. If you keep all items you also get a 25% discount!


This is the page with all the pricing information and discount total.


They always include a styling page with a note from your stylist and pictures of how to wear your items. On the left is a casual look, and on the right a more dressy one. This can be good if you’re kind of new at fashion or are trying a new style.


Skies are Blue Yancy Plaid Top $58 – I had listed that I was open to petite sizing and I think that worked against me with this top. The bottom is a little shorter than I’m used to. I had requested a plaid top just to throw on with jeans, but this one has a half placket which I don’t like. It made it had to get on and off. It wasn’t a great fit and sort of pricey so I didn’t keep it.


MTLA Brett Textured French Terry Lined Legging $38 – I’m not sure why but I wanted to be a leggings person, which I’m just not. These have a fleece lining and you can’t tell from this picture but a kind of sweater pattern on it too. I tried them on and they seemed a little thin and they just weren’t my thing.



Brixton Ivy Lawley  Cable Knit Open Cardigan $68 – I had requested a cream sweater and almost kept this one! It is a nice heavy weight, and has a really cool pattern on it. The price point is high so I didn’t. A few weeks later I saw a customer in Anthropologie wearing it and struck up a conversation with her!


Octavia Alpine  Plaid Wrap Scarf $44 – The blanket scarf has been a big trend and I didn’t have one yet. I don’t know what I was expecting but this was way too big and overwhelming and it just wasn’t cold enough this winter to wear it!



41Hawthorn Benson 3/4 Ruched Sleeve Blazer $78 – I had seen this on their Instagram page and had been wanting a navy blazer for a while! This is a stretchy knit fabric so it is more casual. I usually get a small but I’m really glad my stylist sized up on this one. I like the fun striped lining! I kept it and have already worn it several times with jeans and over a dress. I used some credit I had from referrals to get the price down.

Stitch Fix is a great option if you are too busy to shop or just feel like having a stylist! I like it because they do the searching for me and I get to see things I wouldn’t in the stores I normally look at. They recently added shoes and also have jewelry and accessories like purses. This was obviously a winter heavy box, but I hope to get a spring one soon with maybe some dresses! If you’re thinking about trying it out use my referral link please! As always, thanks for reading!


Random Things

Hi there! I thought I would do a mashup of some things I’ve been loving lately.

photo 1-107photo 3-94

photo 2-105

I got this Fekkai Technician Color Care set from Target (also available on Birchbox) back when I got my biannual hilights. I didn’t have a color care specific shampoo at the time so I picked up this cute little set. I have used this brand and set before but it has been a few years. I forgot how much I liked it! It smells so good – like roses. This line leaves my hair feeling soft and smelling great. I have some of the mask leftover. This brand is pricey and feels very luxe to me.

photo 1-109

I discovered these one day at Kroger and I think they are great! I love a chai latte from Starbucks and this is a good bottle option when I can’t get that. You put these in the fridge and drink them cold. The Mountain Chai is just your classic original and the Dirty Chai has a shot of espresso. There is also one that has chocolate and espresso. The Mountain is my favorite.

photo 5-75

I picked up this Macaron Rose perfume from Urban Outfitters a while back. I had a hard time picking between scents because so many sounded good (Citron Glace, Pistachio Brulee). This one is super sweet and a very strong rose scent. At only $18 it’s a good price point and could make a good Christmas gift.

photo 1-110 photo 2-108 photo 3-97

I work at Northpark Center and this year they are celebrating 50 years. As part of their celebration they put up a wonderful fashion display called Art Meets Fashion 1965-2015 that hilights 50 years of fashion. There are 29 looks from the University of North Texas. It’s a very large display and totally worth checking out. There are many famous designers included such as Halston, Pierre Cardin, Andy Warhol, and Todd Oldham


If you follow me on instagram (@zara_agnew) then you know I was on the fence about which booties to buy for fall. I am SO happy I decided on the Leila Booties by Toms. They are pretty comfortable (I work retail so I’m on my feet the whole time), and the leather is very pretty. They have gotten scuffed a little bit because I’ve been wearing them so much! They match with pretty much anything – jeans or dresses. They are the perfect fall shoe!

Rocksbox #4

I am still loving Rocksbox! If you want fun new jewelry each month by great brands (Kendra Scott, Loren Hope) then this subscription is for you! It’s $19 a month (less if you get a longer sub) and you can send back your box as many times in that month as you want! Use code ZARABFF5 when you sign up to get your first month for FREE!

photo 1-98

photo 2-95

photo 3-86

photo 4-76

Loren Hope Carson Cuff ($70 to keep) – I really enjoyed wearing this cuff! The bronze metal kind of gives it a tough but glam feel paired with the crystals. It was adjustable so it fit my wrist well.

photo 5-67

Perry Street Olivia Necklace ($60 to keep) – This is from the private label brand by Rocksbox and I love it! My mom actually got this in her box a while back and I wore it and decided I needed it too! I requested it and am so glad I got it. Again it has the bronze paired with crystals and I just love the look if it. It adds a pop of glam to almost any outfit. I ended up buying this and using my shine spend on it.


Perry Street Charlotte Earrings ($20 to keep) – These were kind of a miss for me, but I still wore them a few times. I guess I just don’t like the design of them or the yellow gold setting. I like how everything in this box is neutral so you could wear each piece with anything though.

Every box I am consistently impressed with the curation and quality of items! I highly recommend you give Rocksbox a try!

First Stitch Fix

I had seen reviews for Stitch Fix before and and a few of my friends had gotten one before but I had yet to bite the bullet because I enjoy shopping. But when I saw a coupon code that waived the $20 styling fee I decided to go for it! Stitch Fix is a subscription box that you can sign up to have delivered any time – there’s no set schedule. You pay the $20 styling fee, fill out a detailed style quiz, tell them what you’re looking for and then a box full of five items is on it’s way to you! The code LIMITEDTIME ends today if you want to sign up without the styling fee. I think they did a good job at listening to my requests and the curating can only get better over time!

photo 1-99

photo 1-103

One thing that’s pretty neat is they include this styling sheet for every item that you receive. It shows a casual and dressy look. There’s also a little note from my stylist about why she picked the items.

photo 2-97

photo 2-96

Gilli Arisha Striped Dress – $58

I really liked this dress! It is a knit so it is extremely comfortable and it fit well. I like the tulip shape and twist detail on the straps. Another dress I own is almost the same color combo so I decided not to keep it (and it was kind of pricey).

photo 3-87

Fun2Fun Binder Tie Neck Top – $48

I said I was looking to try more boho styles (looking for things I can wear to work at Anthropologie) and this fits the ticket. I like the colors and the style, but there were just a few things I didn’t like about this top. It has elastic sleeves and the bottom was a little tight on my hips. It’s getting sent back.

photo 4-77

Level 99 Giovanni Straight Leg Jean – $98

It’s funny because we sell this brand at Anthropologie but I have never tried it on before. When I took the quiz there was an option to get petite sizing which I opted into, so these are petite jeans. I requested olive green pants so they did great with that. Unfortunately my normal size did not fit – I would have to size up in this brand. Also I would never pay $98 for jeans. I decided to buy some almost exactly the same from Anthro using my discount instead – a much better deal! One more thing to point out is that on the tag in the jeans it said these were the Lily Skinny Straight style which is not what my sheet says or the extra Stitch Fix tag says. It was just something weird I wanted to point out.

photo 5-68

Pixley Elephant Print Blouse – $48

This was very cute and also fit into my boho request. I liked the loose fit and shape and it is a good fall piece. I’m just not sure I was crazy about the elephant print. I decided not to keep it.

photo 1-100

Papermoon Rylie Embroidery Detail Tank – $38

Woo hoo we have a winner, and it’s the cheapest thing in the box! I requested something teal for fall and although it says teal on my sheet I consider this turquoise and a very summery shade. That being said I still love it! I don’t have anything like it or much in this color and the embroidery is great! I wore it with white jeans and pink earrings yesterday and it was so cute. The fit was just perfect too.

If I had decided to keep everything they would have taken a 25% discount so my total would have been $197.50. This is also less the $20 styling fee that they take off if you keep anything. I got this box for for free so I was wondering if they would still take off the styling fee, and they did! So I got that tank for $20 with tax! After you decide what to keep you go online and rate everything then send back the leftover items in the prepaid packing slip they included. Next time I will request more dresses and skirts. I was really happy I tried out Stitch Fix and recommend it! I hope you try it out too!