August Beauty Box Five

So I cancelled this box but still got charged for the August box which is OK because it’s only $12. Here’s what I got!


They also include a product card with more information about each product.



Purlisse Pur perfect SPF 30- I know everyone has been griping about this product because they’ve been getting it in so many boxes but this is my first time to get it so I was really excited. I finally get to see what all the hype is about! I’m so glad it’s the SPF version so I can wear it during the day. I like the formula – it’s light and melts in pretty fast. It has a sort of weird scent but it’s not very noticeable. I’ve used it a couple of times already and it hasn’t made me break out or anything.

Style Essentials Nail Polish – I think this is just a non branded nail polish. I saw some other colors that people got and I think I would have liked them more but that’s ok, I’ll still try this out. It’s clear with large black circle dots and white little line confettis. It will be fun to try it over a bright color.

Nanacoco lipgloss in Secret Crush – I was super excited to see a full size lipgloss in this box that I put it on right away then realized that was a mistake. It’s way thicker than I thought it would be – not sheer like other glosses. The pigment really stays on your lips and showed every amount of dry skin I had on them. I ended up liking it ok but it’s not going to be my go to gloss.


Novex Brazilian Keratin – It says on the product card that I’m getting a Roux product but I got this instead – oh well! It says you should leave this on for 25 min wet hair with a shower cap or 15 with a salon vaporizer. I’m not going to do either of those things because ain’t nobody got time for that so it says it can also be used just as a conditioner which is exactly what I’m going to do.

La Fresh Travel Lite Oil-Free Makeup Remover Wipes – Oh man these are great for traveling! They’re free of parabens and smell pretty good too. I also love the purple packaging.

Overall my favorite items in this box were the Purlisse and the La Fresh! I’m not super sad to see this sub go though. What do you think about this box?


July Beauty Box Five

I subscribed to Beauty Box Five because I had a coupon code for a free box, not fully realizing that I was subscribing. It’s $12 a month or cheaper if you buy multiple months at a time. So I got the box and immediately sent an email to cancel because I didn’t think it was worth it. The box isn’t personalized and you don’t earn points like with Birchbox. Here’s what I got though.




Relvon Bold Lacquer Mascara – FULL SIZE $7.99 I’m always happy about a new mascara and a coupon for another!


HASK Argan Oil Intense Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment – $2.39 This is a deep conditioning hair mask that has two uses in the package. I’m excited to try it!

Nicka K New York Nail Color – Red Hot – FULL SIZE $4.99 I’m not sure this is the right color because the name isn’t on the bottle and there are two red choices on the website. Red is probably my least favorite color for painting my nails – I’m just not a classic color person. If this had been hot pink or purple I would have loved it. But since it’s red I will gift it to a friend!


H20 Plus Bath Aquatics Shampoo – $10.00 I’m surprised that this small bottle is worth that much, but ok. It’s funny because this is the brand Disney uses for their spa and bath and body products, so I’ve used this brand of shampoo before. It works pretty well – I’m just not super excited about it.

Body Drench Candy Licious Lips – $3.99 but I saw this online for $2.49 I got the flavor Lemon Drop which I’m sure smells fine but I’m just not too excited about this. I actually had a hard time finding it online – I guess it’s a drugstore product? I think I’ll gift it to a friend.

Overall it was a 3/5 win and more expensive than Birchbox. Just not worth it to me! What did you think of the products?