Thread Up Review

I’ve been working on cleaning out my closet and taking some things to consignment stores. I had seen adds for Thread Up before and decided to download the app. There is some really great stuff on there! Favorite brands I’ve seen include Madewell, J Crew and Anthropologie brands. You can search by brand, category and size which makes it easy to find fun things! I’ve spent wayyyy to much time finding fun things. I think for every first purchase you make they include a coupon code for 40% off and that was too good to pass up! Here’s what I got.



The packaging was really nice!



First up is this awesome metallic dress from J Crew – size 4. It’s a little tight in the hips but with Spanx will work! It was $36 and in great condition. This was the priciest thing in my order but I can wear it to work and got a great discount.


I have been on the hunt for more skirts and a white denim one in particular and this J Crew one hit the target! It was $28 and at a size 28 fits great. It’s a slightly dressier alternative to plain white denim and will pair with so many blouses and t shirts.


I remember this print from J Crew a few years back – it came in a dress, pants, a skirt…I love a watercolor print. This is a silk linen blend so it has no stretch. The size 6 didn’t work for me. I feel like J Crew sizing is all over the place so that’s one of the downfalls of shopping second hand online. Really shopping online at all. This was $20 and I already mailed it back. Returns are pretty easy – I chose the option where they pay for shipping and you get store credit because I knew there were more things I wanted to buy. I downloaded the prepaid label, slapped it on the bad and sent it out with the mail.


This fabulous maxi skirt is by the brand Vanessa Virginia which we carry at Anthro. It was only $13 and in perfect condition – actually everything was. No weird smells which was also important. The darker colors make it suitable for fall a little more than summer, but I still can’t wait to wear it with a black t shirt and some sandals.

Overall I’m very impressed with Thread Up and will be ordering again. I think it’s great they have found a way to recycle clothes and make a profit. They focus on saving people money, as well as making a positive impact on the environment. I’m considering trying to sell to them. I have read mostly bad reviews on this – people say they get about $5 for a whole bag of clothes. Not sure how true this is but a friend of mine had a good experience. I think it couldn’t hurt after I’ve already tried to sell them at a consignment shop because my next step would be to donate them anyway! The prices aren’t dirt cheap but they are for sure better than retail.

One of my only complaints from the app is that there was no way to save favorites but I just went to the actual website and see that there is a favorites feature! Hooray!

If you are new to sign up and shop with my link you get $10 and I get $10. It’s a win win. Let me know if you have tried Thread Up and what your experience has been.


3 thoughts on “Thread Up Review

  1. I haven’t ordered anything from ThredUp but I have sent in multiple bags and the first one earned me $45! I was overjoyed with the $45 and I can’t wait to see how much my other bags get me! There’s so many great clothes on the site, it was hard to withdraw my earnings without buying anything!


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