November Play! by Sephora

Play! by Sephora is only $10 and apparently not open to everybody yet. I live in Dallas and somehow was able to get on the list! So far it has been a great mix of brands and nice sample sizes. I have gotten a perfume each time so you should expect that. The November box was a great one for me!


In each box you get a really in depth booklet that details each product and also has beauty tips.



Stella by Stella McCartney – I was so excited to get this because it is one of my favorite scents. I think I had a little bottle of this back in high school, then I forgot about it and rediscovered it again. The main note is English rose because Stella, the designer, is from England. The other notes include Peony Flower, Mandarin, Rose Absolute, and Amber. It’s a really bold and dark floral which I love – very different than other floral fragrances. I really can’t get enough and will have to buy more someday!

Make Up Forever Hydrating Primer – This is a primer for normal skin to moisturize and balance skin. A primer is not really something I see as necessary but I did enjoy using this one. It does not feel plasticy or like I have a coating on my face. This primer sank into my skin and made it feel great.


Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof – This is an electric blue color which I wouldn’t wear everyday but it’s fun to try out sometimes! This is a nice normal pencil that did stay on very well. In middle school I loved to wear a jade green liner only on my bottom lash line EVERY DAY. What was I thinking?!? I know better now that it’s all about moderation.

Josie Maran 100 Percent Pure Argan Oil – I’m not that into oils but apparently this one is the bomb. It can be used on hair, skin and nails. I have only used it on my skin and it’s pretty thick. There’s a lot of interesting info on the Sephora site about this product including this: “Pure Argan Oil is first cold pressed to ensure the best quality, highest-grade oil. It is housed in a recyclable glass bottle and purchased from women’s cooperatives in Morocco to support their social and economic welfare. These cooperatives work within a UNESCO biosphere reserve that ensures the protection and reforestation of Argan trees. ” It’s FANCY oil! It has vitamin E and fatty acids to hydrate skin. I’ve only used it a few times, but I think I will need to step it up.


Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil – Y’all this is where it gets good! Bite is one of my favorite lip brands, but I don’t have many of their products. The color, Rhubarb, is amazing! It is a gorgeous plum rose that looks neutral yet adds a great pop of color. It stays on really well and provides high pigment (like the name says). I want to buy so many more of the colors! What I love about Bite is all their products contain reservatrol which is an antioxidant to fight aging, and the ingredients are food grade (because it’s going on your lips)! They all smell really good too – nice and fruity.

Buxom Full-On Lip Cream – This gets good reviews but I’m just not that into the plumping effect. Dolly is a mauve color but I find that it is practically clear. It’s all gloss with no shimmer and I guess I like a little shimmer. It feels weird and a little sticky on my lips. I was hoping to love this one but I just didn’t.

Overall this was a great box if only for the Stella perfume and Bite lip pencil! Those are stand out products that I would buy more of. What are you loving lately?


November Birchbox

The November Birchbox design was beautful! I loved the roses and rose gold accents. If you don’t know what Birchbox is, it’s a monthly subscription box for only $10 that sends you beauty samples! You get to try out new products without ever leaving your house! If you like what you get you can buy right from their website. It’s my favorite box and I’ve been getting it for over two years!





Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris – This scent was alright. It’s very fruity with notes of grapefruit, pear, orange blossom and gardenia. It’s not one I hated or loved – just OK.

Sumbody Salt Scrub – This scrub is very fine and not very wet. I used it in the shower and it scrubs up well. It has also lasted me several uses. The scent is milky rich which smells very sweet and kind of like cake. It left my skin feeling moisturized with cocoa and shea butter, pistachio and safflower oils.


MAKE Face Gloss – This is the product I was least excited about and have decided to swap rather than try out. It is basically a clear gloss you would use instead of hilighter to add a dewey glow to skin. It got pretty bad reviews on Birchbox and the concept seemed really weird to me. I would much rather stick with my powder or cream hilighter!

eSalon Perfect Ending Leave in Conditioner – Instead of conditioner you use this on towel dried hair. I suppose it is supposed to save you time and an extra step, but I’m not sure I can get used to it. It detangles, fights frizz, prevents breakage and moisturizes. I’ve only used it once and it was alright. eSalon is actually a subscription service itself. It is an affordable way to color your hair at home!


LOC One and Done Shadow Stick – This is Birchbox’s first in house brand. This is the shade Impress Me which is a rose gold. I love this product! I am really into shadow sticks – they are so easy to use and provide great color payoff. This color is interesting and really stays all day! I’m looking forward to see what other colors they come out with.


Here’s a swatch! Overall it was an OK box, but the shadow stick was a standout winner for me! It’s something I use about once a week and would definitely buy again.