October Birchbox

Birchbox for October teamed up with the Estee Lauder companies to donate money to breast cancer research which I think is awesome! The philanthropy for my sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, is breast cancer education and awareness so I am really proud of Birchbox for stepping up. I also love the marbled pink design of this box – so pretty.



This was the first time that they did not list each item on the product card. Instead they said go online to learn more about your products. This was something I (and a lot of other subscribers I bet) didn’t like. Not everyone goes online the same time they are opening their box for more info.


Number 4 Fluoro5 Elixir Restore & Repair Oil – Compared to other oils I have used such as Beauty Protector, Davines, and Caudalie this one felt like it only went one the surface of my hair and did not sink in. It felt a little thin to me and it did control frizz but overall I did not like it as much as other brands.

Dr. Jart BB Bounce Beauty Balm Moist – I really like this brand and this is an interesting way to use BB cream. The color was a little dark for me but I used it up anyway. You push the little makeup sponge that was included onto the mesh part and that is how the makeup is dispensed. It seemed a little messy to me, but I like how the makeup felt on my skin. It has SPF 30 which I love, but only comes in two shades and is $48. I will not be buying this but I did get another Dr. Jart product recently (more to come in another post).



Macadamia Professional Style Extend Dry Shampoo – I have used a version of Macadamia’s Dry shampoo before and found it oily. I’m not sure if that was a bad batch or if this is a completely new version but I like this one much more. It is much more “dry” and you can see the white powder a little bit before rubbing in. The smell is nice, sort of like coconuts. It sucks up oil and adds a little volume. I love dry shampoo!

Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara – Every subscriber got mascara this month (it was the sample choice). I chose to be surprised and I am happy with what I got because I have already tried a few of the ones they were offering, but not this one! It has gotten really good reviews but I have not used it yet (mascara overload).


Avene Thermal Spring Water – This is the only product I was a little disappointed about. It’s just water…in a can. It says you can use it as a primer or for touchups throughout the day. I’ve tried it and it just wasn’t exciting.

Overall this was an alright box for me. I liked the dry shampoo and mascara most. There were some nice sized samples and a good range of brands. Next month Birchbox is debuting their own (much advertised) makeup brand LOC (Love of Color). Stay tuned to see what I got.


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