Jouer Fall Le Matchbox

Jouer Le Matchbox is a quarterly subscription for $45. It is full of their beautiful makeup products! The fall box is currently sold out so you will have to wait till the next one to sign up. You can also buy these one time purchase for $65.


The packaging is always wonderful – it is a sturdy felt lined box that will be great to reuse.



Ready to Wear Palette in Cool – This is worth $48 and a great sub box item! There is a separate palette of warmer colors for the warm box; both were new to Jouer and introduced in this box. This has for shadows in purple and black colors. The black one has sparkle in it. I have enjoyed using these to create different looks. There is a bronzer, blush and hilighter on the left. I had already gotten a bronzer in a previous box and swapped it. I might use this one a little bit. The blush is a nice rosy pink color, but does not show up much on my skin. I like lots of blush! The hilighter is a cream which is disappointing to me. I prefer powder in all my makeup products (except maybe eyeshadow). Using is cream over the other powder products is weird to me. Overall I feel like this is a solid palette!


Long-Wear Eye Brightening Primer – ($24) This is a cream primer that is supposed to illuminate and even out skin tone. This isn’t something I use everyday but it is nice to have. It works well to keep the shadow in place and has soothing ingredients.

Kitten Liner– ($28) This is my fourth liquid eyeliner pen and I love them! They create such a nice, bold, clean line. This one is great and a new product for Jouer that launched in this box.


Moisturizing Lip Gloss – sample in Pink Glace. On the website this is described as a shimmering nude pink. It is really shimmery – a little too much for me. I just like some nice glisten and shine. This comes in so many colors that I would like to try another one. The formula is nice though.

The value for this box is a little over $100 which I feel like is a good value. There is always a nice mix of products and a great booklet with pictures and more info. I almost forgot that there was also a nice totebag with gold writing that says “friends don’t let friends have bad eyebrows”. There were several different sayings that went out to subscribers.

Image result for jouer totebag bad eyebrows


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