October Target Beauty Box

Target I don’t know how you do it. This box was chocked FULL of products (three full size) for only $10! I’ve said it before but I wish Target would just turn this into a subscription so I don’t have to pay attention to when these go on sale – they sell out FAST!




Goody Ouchless Silicone Lined Hair Elastics – I can never have enough elastics and I like the fun colors of these. The silicone is also different and makes them really grip my hair.

Olly Undeniable Beauty Vitamin Gummies – These have Biotin, Vitamins C & E and Borage Oil to strengthen hair, skin and nails. They tasted good, like grapefruit. I decided to try out some others by this brand because I was almost out of multi vitamins. I ordered the Perfect Women’s Multi in citrus, the Perfect Men’s Multi in blackberry, and Purely Probiotic gummies in tropical mango. Both the multi gummies have a very strong vitamin smell (my husband said like Advocare if you have used that). The flavor was alright for the citrus, but it does leave a vitamin aftertaste in my mouth. These are on the expensive side and I don’t love the smell or taste so I don’t think I’ll be buying these again.


Covergirl Intensify Me Liquid Liner in Black – Liquid liners have been in several of my boxes recently…and I’m OK with that! This is interesting because depending on how you hold it you can get a thin or thick line. Love a full size item!

Hello Spearmint Toothpaste – On the card and online it said we would be getting mojito and I was excited to try that because I like flavored toothpastes. But oh well I will still use this for traveling. They have a few other interesting flavors I would like to try out.


S.W. Basics Certified Organic Face Scrub– This is different than other body scrubs because it comes as a powder and you mix it with water. This is an all organic slightly pricey brand that I have not tried before. It is made with only three ingredients: oat flour, almond flour and sea salt. I haven’t tried this yet but I’m looking forward to it.

Acure Moroccan Argan Oil + Stem Cell Repair Triple Repair Shampoo and Conditioner – I have tried a few face products by this brand but not hair products yet. I’m sure I will love these – they are free of sulfates and safe for color treated hair. Yay!


skinfix Ultra Rich Body Butter – This is fragrance free and very rich buter made of natural ingredients. Not too exciting but good for winter skin.


ROC Retinol Complexion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream – This product is worth $20! This got slightly low ratings on Beautypedia because it is pretty standard moisturizer with a low amount of retinol and Vitamin C. On the Target website it said you should see results after 12 weeks. It’s nice that they included a high value full size product, but this is something I don’t need right now and will gift to my mom.

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in Wardrobe – This was the standout winner of the box for me! I have worn it several times and gotten multiple compliments on it. It is a very different effect – it goes on smooth like a balm or regular lipstick and after about 10 minutes it dries completely and does not budge (even when kissing my husband!). This is a major win for me so I don’t have to reapply. The color is a gorgeous purple pink which is something I don’t really have and such a fall color. This is my second lipstick from Revlon in a Target box and I love them!

Overall this was an amazing box with a great value! All products I will use or gift and the lipstick was a standout winner!


October Birchbox

Birchbox for October teamed up with the Estee Lauder companies to donate money to breast cancer research which I think is awesome! The philanthropy for my sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, is breast cancer education and awareness so I am really proud of Birchbox for stepping up. I also love the marbled pink design of this box – so pretty.



This was the first time that they did not list each item on the product card. Instead they said go online to learn more about your products. This was something I (and a lot of other subscribers I bet) didn’t like. Not everyone goes online the same time they are opening their box for more info.


Number 4 Fluoro5 Elixir Restore & Repair Oil – Compared to other oils I have used such as Beauty Protector, Davines, and Caudalie this one felt like it only went one the surface of my hair and did not sink in. It felt a little thin to me and it did control frizz but overall I did not like it as much as other brands.

Dr. Jart BB Bounce Beauty Balm Moist – I really like this brand and this is an interesting way to use BB cream. The color was a little dark for me but I used it up anyway. You push the little makeup sponge that was included onto the mesh part and that is how the makeup is dispensed. It seemed a little messy to me, but I like how the makeup felt on my skin. It has SPF 30 which I love, but only comes in two shades and is $48. I will not be buying this but I did get another Dr. Jart product recently (more to come in another post).



Macadamia Professional Style Extend Dry Shampoo – I have used a version of Macadamia’s Dry shampoo before and found it oily. I’m not sure if that was a bad batch or if this is a completely new version but I like this one much more. It is much more “dry” and you can see the white powder a little bit before rubbing in. The smell is nice, sort of like coconuts. It sucks up oil and adds a little volume. I love dry shampoo!

Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara – Every subscriber got mascara this month (it was the sample choice). I chose to be surprised and I am happy with what I got because I have already tried a few of the ones they were offering, but not this one! It has gotten really good reviews but I have not used it yet (mascara overload).


Avene Thermal Spring Water – This is the only product I was a little disappointed about. It’s just water…in a can. It says you can use it as a primer or for touchups throughout the day. I’ve tried it and it just wasn’t exciting.

Overall this was an alright box for me. I liked the dry shampoo and mascara most. There were some nice sized samples and a good range of brands. Next month Birchbox is debuting their own (much advertised) makeup brand LOC (Love of Color). Stay tuned to see what I got.

Jouer Fall Le Matchbox

Jouer Le Matchbox is a quarterly subscription for $45. It is full of their beautiful makeup products! The fall box is currently sold out so you will have to wait till the next one to sign up. You can also buy these one time purchase for $65.


The packaging is always wonderful – it is a sturdy felt lined box that will be great to reuse.



Ready to Wear Palette in Cool – This is worth $48 and a great sub box item! There is a separate palette of warmer colors for the warm box; both were new to Jouer and introduced in this box. This has for shadows in purple and black colors. The black one has sparkle in it. I have enjoyed using these to create different looks. There is a bronzer, blush and hilighter on the left. I had already gotten a bronzer in a previous box and swapped it. I might use this one a little bit. The blush is a nice rosy pink color, but does not show up much on my skin. I like lots of blush! The hilighter is a cream which is disappointing to me. I prefer powder in all my makeup products (except maybe eyeshadow). Using is cream over the other powder products is weird to me. Overall I feel like this is a solid palette!


Long-Wear Eye Brightening Primer – ($24) This is a cream primer that is supposed to illuminate and even out skin tone. This isn’t something I use everyday but it is nice to have. It works well to keep the shadow in place and has soothing ingredients.

Kitten Liner– ($28) This is my fourth liquid eyeliner pen and I love them! They create such a nice, bold, clean line. This one is great and a new product for Jouer that launched in this box.


Moisturizing Lip Gloss – sample in Pink Glace. On the website this is described as a shimmering nude pink. It is really shimmery – a little too much for me. I just like some nice glisten and shine. This comes in so many colors that I would like to try another one. The formula is nice though.

The value for this box is a little over $100 which I feel like is a good value. There is always a nice mix of products and a great booklet with pictures and more info. I almost forgot that there was also a nice totebag with gold writing that says “friends don’t let friends have bad eyebrows”. There were several different sayings that went out to subscribers.

Image result for jouer totebag bad eyebrows

Random Things

Hi there! I thought I would do a mashup of some things I’ve been loving lately.

photo 1-107photo 3-94

photo 2-105

I got this Fekkai Technician Color Care set from Target (also available on Birchbox) back when I got my biannual hilights. I didn’t have a color care specific shampoo at the time so I picked up this cute little set. I have used this brand and set before but it has been a few years. I forgot how much I liked it! It smells so good – like roses. This line leaves my hair feeling soft and smelling great. I have some of the mask leftover. This brand is pricey and feels very luxe to me.

photo 1-109

I discovered these one day at Kroger and I think they are great! I love a chai latte from Starbucks and this is a good bottle option when I can’t get that. You put these in the fridge and drink them cold. The Mountain Chai is just your classic original and the Dirty Chai has a shot of espresso. There is also one that has chocolate and espresso. The Mountain is my favorite.

photo 5-75

I picked up this Macaron Rose perfume from Urban Outfitters a while back. I had a hard time picking between scents because so many sounded good (Citron Glace, Pistachio Brulee). This one is super sweet and a very strong rose scent. At only $18 it’s a good price point and could make a good Christmas gift.

photo 1-110 photo 2-108 photo 3-97

I work at Northpark Center and this year they are celebrating 50 years. As part of their celebration they put up a wonderful fashion display called Art Meets Fashion 1965-2015 that hilights 50 years of fashion. There are 29 looks from the University of North Texas. It’s a very large display and totally worth checking out. There are many famous designers included such as Halston, Pierre Cardin, Andy Warhol, and Todd Oldham


If you follow me on instagram (@zara_agnew) then you know I was on the fence about which booties to buy for fall. I am SO happy I decided on the Leila Booties by Toms. They are pretty comfortable (I work retail so I’m on my feet the whole time), and the leather is very pretty. They have gotten scuffed a little bit because I’ve been wearing them so much! They match with pretty much anything – jeans or dresses. They are the perfect fall shoe!

Rocksbox #6

Rocksbox is a monthly jewelry box subscription where you are renting the pieces for $19 a month. You decide what to keep and when to send it back to get another box. They use some well known brands (Kendra Scott, Loren Hope) and some new and private label brands. Here is my last box.





Loren Hope Small Sarra Cuff in Crystal – Cost to keep $61. This was by far my favorite item in the box. I love the bronze metal paired with the crystals. It also fit my wrist well. I wore this several times – it was easy to dress up or down. Sadly the cost was still too high for me.


Perry Street Leah Necklace – Cost to keep $39. I just didn’t love this one – I felt like the quality and style just weren’t there. I only wore this one time. It felt very lightweight and not at all high end. I would not pay $39 for this.


Urban Gem Double Bar Ear Jacket – Cost to keep $22. I requested an ear jacket because it’s a very popular trend that I haven’t tried out yet. I was very underwhelmed by these. I was expecting something fun and sparkly but instead got minimal which is not really my style. I did not wear these at all.

This box was not my best one but still had a great piece. At this point my last 3 month subscription was up and I chose not to renew. I would rather buy pieces I love from Anthropologie or spend those dollars on makeup!

Birchbox From Korea With Love Limited Edition Box

Limited Edition boxes from Birchbox are my favorite! Korean skincare and makeup products are all the rage right now and it is something I haven’t tried very much of other than the big brands like Dr. Jart. This From Korea With Love Box is a great sampler to get your feet wet and try out some new brands. Unfortunately it is no longer available but there are a few other great Limited Edition boxes.





Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask – This was the first sheet mask I’ve ever tried and it kind of freaked me out. The feeling of having a sheet over your face for about 15 minutes was a weird one and I don’t think I will ever pick it over a normal mask. I also did not like that you are supposed to rub in the excess after taking the mask off. I am used to washing my face off after a mask so that was strange for me. This made my skin feel a little weird – I’m not sure it it was because of the scent or the ingredients (egg whites).

Tony Moly Magic Food Banana Hand Milk – I was supposed to get two packets of this according to the website and product card however I and many other people only got one. I emailed the customer service and they said they would send me another one but I never got it. That was the only time I think I’ve been let down by Birchbox. On to the cream – I haven’t used it yet but I’ve read that it smells like banana  runts…interesting. It’s also available at Urban Outfitters and Sephora. (The full size is in a banana shaped bottle!)


Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Escalator Mascara – I have SO many mascaras that I haven’t tried this one, but I love the packaging! There’s a little dinosaur on there! This mascara is unique in that it has a twistable wand to change that amount of length or volume you get.

Club Clio Waterproof Pen Liner Kill Black – I have recently really embraced felt tip pen liners. They are so easy to use and make a really bold black line in a cute kitten shape. I can never have too many pen liners! (Swatched below)


TonyMoly Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base – Is this not the cutest beauty product ever?! This is a white creamy stick that is kind of like a hilighter. I find it to be very moisturizing when I apply it under my eyes. Some reviews said it was too white, but I did not find that to be the case. It covered any circles I had pretty well. (Swatched below)

IPKN Twinkle Lips – This is a moisturizing balm that leaves a sheer wash of color. It reacts to your ph to give you a personalized pink color. On me it is pretty hot pink and I love it! This feels amazing on my lips and is such a great color. (Swatched below)



These were my mystery sample pack items because I spend $35+. I have tried this Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator before and I really like it! It is a very fine microderebrasion scrub that really gets your skin clean. I am very happy to get another sample. The pony tail holder however is weird and I will not use it. I’ll include it in a future swap.

I really enjoyed trying some new Korean brands and products. I think the IPKN balm was my favorite discovery!