May Birchbox

Hi friends, I hope your day is going great! For May Birchbox partnered with the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere (not one I normally read but I know she’s really popular) to curate boxes. They had a specially decorated box to go along with the partnership. In case you’re not familiar with Birchbox it’s only $10 a month and you get a box of 5 beauty sample goodies! You also get to pick one each month. This is something I look forward to every month – getting a little surprise is so fun! Here’s what I got:

photo 3-74

photo 2-78

photo 2-80

photo 1-82

Cotz Flawless Complexion – This has a high SPF which is great, and says blemish free so it won’t clog your pores. It doesn’t have any coverage so wear it under foundation. It sort of had the consistency of a pore blurring product like Pores No More which I don’t love. I would rather use a moisturizer with sunscreen in it.

photo 5-56

Benefit Lollibam – Mannnn I really wanted to like this because it’s Benefit and looks like such a fun purple color, but it provides no color whatsoever and I like a color punch! Basically this is a lipbalm which smooths and softens. It can be layered with the brands Lollitint for more color but I don’t want to have to buy a separate product just for that. This was a bummer.

Marcelle Clay Mask – Y’all the full size is on $15!! Which made me question how good this product was, but it was not bad! It is not very thick at all unlike my Paula’s Choice mask but I thought it was pretty effective at soaking up oil and softening my face. I love getting a big mask sample.

photo 4-65

Aruba Aloe Luxe Foot Cream – Yessss I love this stuff. I stand up a lot at my job and am wearing sandals so my feet can get gross. This is super creamy kind of like a balm and has a very light mint scent. Smells sweet and good to me. I put it on at night and when I wake up my feet are noticeably softer!

Number 4 Thermal Styling Spray – This has an interesting scent but it doesn’t stay all day. I used it on damp hair before drying and straightening and I guess it worked well. I didn’t notice a lot of softness or shine. Not a winner in my book.

And there you have it – another great box. Next month I am getting Dr. Jarts Dermaclear Micro Water which is supposed to take off makeup and cleanse skin. These types of water have been popping up so I am excited to try it!


2 thoughts on “May Birchbox

  1. I also got the foot creme and loved it! I got the smash box primer water which is something I also really wanted to love but I’m not sure it works with my skin. Of course, I’m stubborn so I’ll keep using it, maybe I’ll try it as a setting spray? Anyway, looks like you got a pretty good box! xoxo


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