Nature Box

Nature Box is a monthly healthy snack box with lots of options! It is $19.95 per month and fully customizable with 5 bags of multi serving snacks. There are many sweet and salty choices for every taste. You can try your first month for free though and they will send you some of their best sellers to sample! Here’s what I got in my first month.

photo 2-76

photo 2-81

Honey Dijon Pretzels – My husband really likes these pretzel bites because they remind him of his all times favorite snack Gardetto’s. They have a sweet honey mustard dusting on them yet still taste savory. This bag was a little bit bigger than the others.

Sweet Blueberry Almonds – I really like almonds in the first place and these are really good! They have a sweet blueberry coating that makes them very interesting and delicious.

photo 1-83

Strawberry Greek Yogurt Pretzels – These definitely have the sweet and salty thing down. I love the yummy strawberry coating.

Sea Salt Pop Pops – My husband and I love popcorn so I was expecting to love these but they’re really interesting. They are little half popped kernels so they are not fluffy like real popcorn mostly just crunchy and very salty. There are a few other flavors I want to try though.

Big Island Pineapple – This is the first bag we finished and I didn’t get to take a pic! I’m not a big fan of dried fruit so at first I was a little nervous of a big dried pineapple ring, but then I got into them. They provided the sweetness of a dessert that I knew was good for me! I would get these again.

We currently have 15 snacks on our wishlist so I think we will keep getting Nature Box for a while. It will also help keep us (me…) from buying random snacks and cookies when I go grocery shopping. It’s helping us make a small healthy lifestyle change.


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