Golden Tote Mystery Tote 2015

This was my first time purchasing something from Golden Tote and I was pleasantly surprised! For those of you who don’t know about Golden Tote, it is not a subscription service but a clothing package you purchase each month. The first Monday of every month the totes go on sale. You can pick from a $49 tote with 2-3 pieces of clothing or the $149 with 5-6 items. You pick 1-2 items in your size and the rest are a surprise! They carry cute boutique brands, one of which is sold at Anthropologie. Overall you are getting items at a deep discount.

Once a year they do a complete mystery bag with 4 items for $60. I decided to go for it! It is actually still available if you want one. The items might be different but all will include a Puella item. And they always come in a cute reusable fabric tote bag!

photo 4-39

photo 5-34

photo 1-49

I LOVE this gray drapey pocket tee. It is so soft, swingy and perfect. It has a v neck line and a long hemline so it is very flattering. I have worn it several times because it is so versatile!

photo 2-48

The moment I saw this I knew it wasn’t for me. The front is sheer with all different patterns. It is a dolman style with a banded bottom and all gray jersey fabric back. It’s just not my style and I am trying to swap it but haven’t had any luck yet.

photo 4-40

This is another item I love! This is by Golden Tote’s private label called Cut + Sew and it is so comfy. It is black with white stripes and has a tent shape. It’s very versatile for all seasons and looks great belted too.

photo 4-42

This is the promised Puella item that a lot of people got. I like it but I’m not crazy about it. It is a cream light weight knit, has long sleeves, and is very see through. My favorite thing about it is the silhouette – a very swingy tunic. I decided to punch it up with a scarf when I first wore it because it needed some color!

photo 3-44

Looks better, right? I’m happy that 3/4 items were winners for me in this mystery tote. I like Golden Totes selection of items and if I have some extra cash would buy a tote in the future!


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