My Subscription Addiction #MSA02

This is the second box I’ve gotten from My Subscription Addiction through Quarterly. Unfortunately since then the curator, Liz Cadman, has posted that she is discontinuing the box because it is too stressful for her to continue, which is a major bummer. But there are plenty of other boxes out there to subscribe to! I found a few hidden gems in this box.

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Bauble Bar Ice Circle Pendant – This little sparkly necklace is so delicate and pretty. It looks great for layering or by itself. I have always wanted something from Bauble Bar but never had bought anything – this was a perfect addition to the box and I have worn it several times since getting it.

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Fuzzy Slipper Socks – I get some of these every year for Christmas so they weren’t really exciting, neither is the plain black color. I was able to swap these. If I didn’t already have like five pairs maybe I would have kept them.

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Yes to Carrots Fragrance Free Intense Hydration Night Cream – I generally like this brand which they sell at Target. It is affordable and they have some good ingredients in their products. However this did not get a good review from Paula’s Choice. First of all I don’t have dry skin so intense hydration isn’t needed. Second of all the jar packaging is awful – once you open it the oxygen that it’s exposed to starts to break down any helpful ingredients. It’s also not as sanitary to keep dipping your fingers into the jar. I was able to trade this product.

photo 5-33

Au Naturale Cream Eyeshadows – The left is White Quartz, a matte white she recommends as a hilighter. I already have hilighting products and don’t like to work with white to I swapped this. The one on the right is Addiction, a gold shade created exclusively for this box. The fact that it’s exclusive is very cool. It goes on darker than expected and has a sort of green undertone but I have still used it a few times. I’m not as experienced with cream shadow but I think it went on well.


Faribault Woolen Mill Co. Recycled Wool Throw in Red Whip Stitching – I think it’s great that she was able to include a $64 blanket in this box – great for winter! I don’t love the coloring but I feel like you can never have too many blankets for future sleepovers. My husband just said it is the “scratchiest blanket ever” but I disagree, it’s only mildly scratchy.

Overall I traded away half the items in this box. The real standout for me was the necklace. Even though I liked her last box better, I am sad to see the MSA Quarterly box go. It was fun to see what she would curate and to try new products.


January Birchbox

This month’s box was a really good one! The theme was Let’s Do This and they were partnering with a workout group to share healthy tips and tricks.

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It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product Plus Keratin – longest name ever but this stuff really works! It’s a leave in conditioner for damp hair and I like the way it smells and feels. It strengthens, defrizzes, detangles and adds shine. I actually have a full size of this and have been using it for a while, so a travel size is great! I have seen a version of this for blondes at the JCPenney salon and I would love to try it out.

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Manna Kadar Lip Locked – I really wanted to love this but it was just a fail for me. First of all it’s a super tiny sample (I know it’s hard to tell but just trust me). I also don’t like the color – too nude on me. It doesn’t smell amazing and the staying power didn’t blow me away. I much prefer the Mirenesse Mattfinity Lip Rouge I talked about in my last post. It comes in lots of colors!

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Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream – This is a product I have been wanting to try for a while, so I was very excited to see it. I don’t have very dark eye circles but I don’t use an eye cream regularly. I liked incorporating this into my routine – it’s 99% natural and sunk into my skin well. It felt very moisturizing without a scent. Anti aging properties like hyaluronic acid help to prevent fine lines. It’s a decent sized sample too.

Tocca Creama de Mano in Cleopatra – This was the sample I got to choose and I love it! Tocca is a great brand with interesting scents and beautiful packaging. This sample alone is worth $10 which is the cost of the box! It feels great going on with shea butter, avocado oil and aloe. Cleopatra is a grapefruit and cucumber scent that is very refreshing.

MyChelle Advanced Argan Oil – I traded away this sample so that’s why I don’t have a picture of it – but it’s in the full box picture above. My skin is already pretty oily so I don’t like to put oils on it. This is a basic argan oil product and I knew I didn’t want to try it. I actually saw this brand in Whole Foods the other day so it’s very all natural.

 That’s my January box! Have you gotten any good Birchbox finds lately? Leave me a comment below!

Beauty Haul

Hi everyone! Here’s a few beauty products I’m loving right now.

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I bought this fun Mirenesse set called Sydney, I Love You from Birchbox – it’s an exclusive. I’m a sucker for lip cream tints and I had heard from a friend that this was a good one. It is an amazing sample! Very creamy, with a bold color that really lasts. It didn’t dry out my lips and smelled awesome. This set comes in two other colors. This mascara also gets great reviews on Birchbox so I’ll get around to trying it sometime. It’s a great value set with a full size mascara and this size of lip rouge will last me a while.

photo 2-42 photo 3-39

I used a credit I had to get this set from the Secret Store – I love their Sea Salt spray! It isn’t available all the time on their site so I decided to stock up. It is paraben and sulfate free, is moisturizing, protects from sun damage, smells great and does not make my hair crunchy. It really adds a little volume to my hair when I sleep on it wet – helps to achieve that pretty wavy look. I recommend this over the famous Bumble and Bumble spray.

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OK who doesn’t love free samples from Sephora…no one!!! The First Aid Beauty cleanser I used my points to get along with the Bite High Pigment Pencil in Pomegranate. This lippy is amazing! I love the color, way it smells, feels and it stays on really well. I highly recommend you check it out. Any new beauty finds you’re loving lately?