January Julep Maven

photo 1-45

January’s theme was Metamorphic and I chose more makeup items than polish this month – I feel like I’m swimming in polish sometimes. Their Lip Luxe was the new product for this month but I didn’t choose it because I also have a ton of lipgloss and I prefer colored over a sheer tint.

photo 2-43

The little extra for this month was Junior Mints which I shared with my husband and there is a 30% off coupon which expires today so happy shopping!

photo 3-40

For the first time since I’ve been subscribed every subscriber that opted in through email got a free polish! These are new for this month and there were three colors of this metamorphic top coat. It’s very sheer and shimmery and they say it can go over any polish to change the effect. I love this perk!

photo 4-35

Plush Pout Lip Crayon – I got one of these a couple month’s ago and loved it! I customized my box to get Cardinal Red for when I want a bold look. I love how creamy, smooth and moisturizing these are. Also the vanilla smell is delicious.

Margit – Mushroom with rose shimmer, I just put this color on recently and I love it! It is a gorgeous gray with a subtle shimmer that sort of gives it a purpley look – different than any other color I have.

photo 2-44

Orbital Eyeshadow – Earthshine, tree bark with chrome pearlescence. I really liked the shadow from last month and wanted to try a neutral color – this one is very pretty. The packaging is still hard to open.

photo 1

In a sneak peek for next month, every Maven is getting this beautiful glitter heart polish called Hartleigh! I’m hoping the trend of free polishes continues every month. My subscription was up for renewal this month and this is part of the reason why I stuck around. I also love that they come out with at least one new makeup item each month. If you like what you see you can sign up here with my referral code!


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