Target Beauty Box

Woo hoo! Target also has a beauty box, however these are not a subscription but a one time purchase. The one I am reviewing is sold out, but Target just came out with new ones this week! I’ll put more details below. I believe this box was $7 online. It has fewer products overall than Walmart but some great brands.

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This NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil is apparently a cult favorite but I just never got the white eyeliner thing. You’re supposed to use it on your lower waterline to make your eyes pop and look bigger but I thought it looked weird on me. Too bad I already used it or I could have swapped it. Oh well maybe I’ll use it next Halloween or something… On the flip side I like this Loreal gloss (both full size BTW). The call it a lipstick but it is definitely a gloss feel. It goes on smooth probably because of the precious micro-oils and stays on pretty well. I got the color Ballerina which is a light nude pink.

photo 3-26


So this is a super interesting product by Laneige which is a Target exclusive. It’s called a BB Cushion and it came with three shades. There is a a wet cushion filled with the makeup and you use the little black sponge to press into it then apply it. At first I thought it wasn’t going to do anything but I really liked it! It kind of gave me an airbrushed finish and it had a really nice smell. Too bad this stuff is a little on the pricier side.

photo 4-22

This is where I hit the jackpot and why I really bought the box. I LOVE trying out new dry shampoos and this was on my list thanks to Birchbox. I really like the Fekkai brand and this Blowout dry shampoo was no exception. It did it’s job of soaking up oil and I think it kind of smells like apples – it’s lovely and I would buy more. I know this L’oreal Elnett Satin hairspray is also a cult favorite but I wasn’t all that impressed. I will use it up but it didn’t wow me.

While writing this article I have unfortunately come to find out that all 3 of the new beauty boxes are sold out online (dang it I should have just bought them online right when I saw them). At only $5 and $10 they were a steal 0 I’m really hoping they restock them because there was an Acure Organics facial scrub I have been wanting to try. Here’s to hoping!


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