Walmart Beauty Box

So I’m not usually a huge Walmart fan – I’d much rather shop at the swanky Target. However when I heard they were selling a quarterly beauty box I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did! For only $5 (to cover shipping) I got some great stuff. The fall box sold out quick but you can sign up for the winter box which should have shipped this week!

photo 1-28

photo 2-27

I’ll never say no to a full sized deodorant that is worth more than the cost of the box! This is the brand I like anyway.

photo 3-25

Even though this polish is full sized I can’t say I love this yellow color so into the swap pile it goes. At first I was really excited about this full sized Loreal lip balm but I have SO MANY lip products that I still haven’t opened this one. Thinking I will swap it too.

photo 4-21

This is a cute little travel size hair oil which I tried and it was pretty good. I would never up and buy Nikki Minaj’s perfume but hey, now I get to try it. It’s subpar.

photo 5-20

I used to really like Dove shampoos in college so this is a welcome addition for me. These are generous sized travel bottles that will be great for my next trip.


Foil packets womph womph…we were doing pretty good! The makeup was hard to test with such a tiny sample but it was good that they included many shades to ladies of all skin tones could sample. I have tried a sample of the Loreal Pore Vanisher thanks to a magazine before and I didn’t love it. Made my face feel a little more oily and I never feel like these types of products make my pores look any different.

So that’s it! I was happy with this box and can’t wait to see what the winter edition brings!


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