December Julep Maven

Another month, another Julep Maven box!

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Gel Eye Glider in Smoky Taupe Shimmer – I loved last months teal liner so I decided to try out a fun and different color. This is a shimmery grayish purplish color. It is light but gorgeous and has great staying power!

photo 3-33

Orbital Eyeshadow in Supernova – These shadows are the new product launch for the month and there are some great colors. The cool thing about them is that they are one color with a shimmer over it – this is described as charcoal with electric orchid pearlescence. I liked this shimmery gray color and would like to try more of these. The only bummer is the packaging – it was really hard to open!

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Warm Wishes Trio – This set was an add on and I used my Jules (points) to get this for free! I mostly wanted it for the gorgeous glitter color called Love. It is a gold, pearl and fuchsia microglitter and I love it. It also came with Hope, stark white satin, and Peace, rich red velvet creme.

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I got some peppermints and a coupon for 30% off with code THIRTYOFF. Next month Julep is introducing a new lip gloss and their secret store should be opening soon if you’re a Maven. Right now they are having some great savvy deals with up to 85% off! Get to shopping and if you want to become a Maven sign up here!


Bath and Body Works Haul

About a month ago I made a BBW haul and never posted it….then last week the 3 wick candles were $8 (?!?!?!?!?) so I thought I would show you what scents I picked out for both hauls.

photo 1-32

Y’all I LOVE their hand soaps! I chose Cozy Vanilla Cream, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Honeyed Nectarine, Brown Sugar & Carrots, and Pear Wood Cider.

photo 2-31

I grabbed some wallflowers too: Cranberry Woods, Pumpkin Apple, Leaves, and Caramel Pumpkin Swirl.

photo 3-29

Look at this cute little owl wallflower! The best part? It lights up so it’s also a nightlight!

photo 2-35

And here’s my holiday candle haul! Spiced Apple Toddy, Tis the Season, and Champagne Toast. I love the beautiful striped packaging they did on some of the candles this year. The only drawback is that they don’t have lids. Once I use up some more of my 3 wicks though they will have lids!

Right now BBW is having their semi annual sale on line and in stores! Select 3 wicks candles are $10, body cream and body care $3, and soaps half off. So get to shopping!

Macy’s Beauty Haul

A month or so ago I decided it was time to use up a Macy’s giftcard I had gotten for my wedding over a year ago. Michael and I needed a new fan and a scale and there was a little left over on the card so I decided to pick out some makeup items (duh). Look at what I got!

photo 4-25

Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Watermelon – This color is so fun, a reddish pink. It really feels smooth and has good (not great) staying power. I love that all of Tarte’s lip products smell like mint! It’s also not too pricey at $16.

photo 5-23

Benefit Gimmie Brow – Y’all my brothers fiance got this for me last year for Christmas and I love it! I had to restock – the light/medium color is perfect. I had really just started experimenting with brow products when I got this. It is a fiber gel that sticks to your brows to add fullness and create shape. It is SO EASY! My brows look more defined and polished when I have this on.

Benefit they’re Real! Mascara – This was a free sample (love those) and I have never tried it before. I’ve been waiting to get this in my Birchbox but I never had. Excited to try this one.


Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Invisible Spray – I love trying out dry shmapoos, but I can’t say that I loved this one. While I will say that there was no white residue, I do not feel like it absorbed oil well. Can’t say it gave me tons of volume either and it had an interesting lemony smell that I’m not crazy about.

 photo 1-33

Hahaha a sample of One Direction’s Perfume You & I….can’t say I loved this. I just thought it was so funny that I got it.

Anyway I got some great products from Macy’s! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these or other great products recently.

November Julep Maven

This month’s Maven theme was Friendsgiving. There were some beautiful colors! Let’s see what I got.


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I think Julep does a good job with their shimmery polishes so I picked two out. Marla is actually from last month but since I can customize my box I added this one in. Not sure if I will keep or gift it yet.

Marla – Burgundy velvet with silver shimmer

Devon – Slate gray with fuchsia microshimmer

photo 4-24 photo 3-28

These gel eye glider are pretty new to Julep and I love colored liner so I decided to give it a try. I really like it! The color is so pretty and it goes on very smooth and dries fast for an all day stay.

Gel Eye Glider – Regal Teal

That was it for November! You can sign up to be a Maven here for $20 a month. The box is customizable and there are plenty of great polishes and makeup items to choose from! They also brought back their skip a month option. Once you’re a Maven everything on the site is discounted as well. Happy shopping!

November Birchbox

The theme for November’s Birchbox was Giving. So they teamed up with RED to donate proceeds to fighting AIDS whenever you shared a picture of your box shipper on social media. I think it’s a great concept and something they should do every month. They should let subscribers vote on their favorite causes and then partner with one each month to raise money. In terms of samples this box was in the middle of the pack for me.

photo 1-30

photo 2-29

Great…more Harvey Prince. I think this brand is exclusive to Birchbox so I have gotten many of their products: perfume, body wash, hand lotion, and now shampoo and conditioner. A lot of people are gaga over the scent Hello; I am not one of those people. It’s very sweet and kind of gives me a headache. I like the scent Ageless much better. I was not impressed with their formulation of body wash so I do not have high hopes for these. They will be swapped.

I also got the Eslor Firming Collagen Day Cream – I’m only 23 so I feel like I don’t really need this yet. Also jar packaging is just not good for products – it quickly deteriorates the ingredients once exposed to air. I like my day moisturizer to have SPF too. The full size is $85 which I would NEVER spend on a face cream. Might let me mom have this one or swap it.

photo 3-27

I was excited to try this Cindy-Lou Manizer hilighter by the Balm. It’s a beautiful pinky powder that you can put anywhere for a subtle glow – I used it as an eyeshadow. As usual the packaging on this is adorable!

Yay for an extra chocolate treat by Vosges! This is dark chocolate with a blood orange caramel center – and it was delicious! The orange flavor really came through. This would make a great Christmas gift.

photo 4-23

I have always wanted to get an eye makeup remover and here it is! This Floral Water remover by Klorane is fantastic. It smells amazing, is paraben free, is soothing and gets the job done. I will probably order more in the future. It’s a great travel size too! So it’s not the best month for me because I’m trading away three samples but hopefully next month will be great because it is my anniversary month. I really hope they put in a surprise for me!

My sample choice for November was conspicuously missing so I emailed them about it and they said it was shipping separately. It actually came in an order I placed from Birchbox for a Christmas gift. Here’s what I got along with my mystery sample pack from the order.

photo 5-21

 My sample choice was the Royal Apothic Cuppa Cuppa Tea Firming Tea Treatment Mask. What a fun name, right? I’m a pretty big fan of tea and masks so I decided to try it out. Royal Apothic is also a pretty great brand that I’ve seen sold at Anthropologie. It is infused with three different types of tea along with other antioxidant ingredients to firm, smooth and brighten skin in 8 minutes. I just used it and is is a pretty thin consistency and a fun purpleish color. It also smells amazing – sort of like tea! When putting it on it felt a little gritty because it is also supposed to exfoliate. I could feel it tingling a little bit like it was working. To get it off you are supposed to wet hands and massage into skin then wash off. This really helped to exfoliate. Afterwards my skin feels smoother and more moisturized. I like it! There are several uses in the little tube if you just use it on your face.

I have been dying to try the amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo for a while now, hoping each month that it would come in my Birchbox. It never has so I resorted to adding it on to my gift order to test it out. It gets rave reviews for it’s great scent and I can see why now! It is deliciously floral and lasts most of the day. It leaves no residue and soaks up oil well. I can’t wait to try other products from this brand – this packaging is amazing! There are several holiday gift sets in the Birchbox shop right now.

In my mystery sample pack I got a fun coral Color Club nail polish and a tiny foil packet of 100% Pure’s Body Cream.

For December we got to pick a sample and I went with the Vasanti Kajal Extreme Intense Eye Pencil in Rose Gold. I hope the color shows up, because I always like to try a fun eye color. I just got a notification that my box has shipped so I should get it soon!

Target Beauty Box

Woo hoo! Target also has a beauty box, however these are not a subscription but a one time purchase. The one I am reviewing is sold out, but Target just came out with new ones this week! I’ll put more details below. I believe this box was $7 online. It has fewer products overall than Walmart but some great brands.

photo 1-29

photo 2-28

This NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil is apparently a cult favorite but I just never got the white eyeliner thing. You’re supposed to use it on your lower waterline to make your eyes pop and look bigger but I thought it looked weird on me. Too bad I already used it or I could have swapped it. Oh well maybe I’ll use it next Halloween or something… On the flip side I like this Loreal gloss (both full size BTW). The call it a lipstick but it is definitely a gloss feel. It goes on smooth probably because of the precious micro-oils and stays on pretty well. I got the color Ballerina which is a light nude pink.

photo 3-26


So this is a super interesting product by Laneige which is a Target exclusive. It’s called a BB Cushion and it came with three shades. There is a a wet cushion filled with the makeup and you use the little black sponge to press into it then apply it. At first I thought it wasn’t going to do anything but I really liked it! It kind of gave me an airbrushed finish and it had a really nice smell. Too bad this stuff is a little on the pricier side.

photo 4-22

This is where I hit the jackpot and why I really bought the box. I LOVE trying out new dry shampoos and this was on my list thanks to Birchbox. I really like the Fekkai brand and this Blowout dry shampoo was no exception. It did it’s job of soaking up oil and I think it kind of smells like apples – it’s lovely and I would buy more. I know this L’oreal Elnett Satin hairspray is also a cult favorite but I wasn’t all that impressed. I will use it up but it didn’t wow me.

While writing this article I have unfortunately come to find out that all 3 of the new beauty boxes are sold out online (dang it I should have just bought them online right when I saw them). At only $5 and $10 they were a steal 0 I’m really hoping they restock them because there was an Acure Organics facial scrub I have been wanting to try. Here’s to hoping!

Walmart Beauty Box

So I’m not usually a huge Walmart fan – I’d much rather shop at the swanky Target. However when I heard they were selling a quarterly beauty box I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did! For only $5 (to cover shipping) I got some great stuff. The fall box sold out quick but you can sign up for the winter box which should have shipped this week!

photo 1-28

photo 2-27

I’ll never say no to a full sized deodorant that is worth more than the cost of the box! This is the brand I like anyway.

photo 3-25

Even though this polish is full sized I can’t say I love this yellow color so into the swap pile it goes. At first I was really excited about this full sized Loreal lip balm but I have SO MANY lip products that I still haven’t opened this one. Thinking I will swap it too.

photo 4-21

This is a cute little travel size hair oil which I tried and it was pretty good. I would never up and buy Nikki Minaj’s perfume but hey, now I get to try it. It’s subpar.

photo 5-20

I used to really like Dove shampoos in college so this is a welcome addition for me. These are generous sized travel bottles that will be great for my next trip.


Foil packets womph womph…we were doing pretty good! The makeup was hard to test with such a tiny sample but it was good that they included many shades to ladies of all skin tones could sample. I have tried a sample of the Loreal Pore Vanisher thanks to a magazine before and I didn’t love it. Made my face feel a little more oily and I never feel like these types of products make my pores look any different.

So that’s it! I was happy with this box and can’t wait to see what the winter edition brings!

Trick & Treat Julep Mystery Box

Hi there – sorry it’s been a while since my last post. I guess I’ve just been busy…you know how that goes. Anyway, I thought I would still share about some of the boxes I’ve gotten. So I really do like the Julep Mystery Boxes – I think they are always a great value. Let’s take a look at the Halloween box.

photo 1-27

photo 2-26

I got several products I’ve never tried before – yay!

Brilliance Glycolic Hand Scrub – I haven’t used this yet but my hands are actually feeling a little dry right now so I might try it out after I finish this post! I don’t have a scrub that is specifically for hands so that’s fun.

Julep Nail Mask – This is kind of a cool idea that you slip these little things over your fingers and they are supposed to moisturize your nails and cuticles with all sorts of vitamins and oils. I also just read on the website that they are touchscreen friendly which is really cool.

photo 3-24

Luxe Care Hand Creme – I have received this is another mystery box and I like it. It is pretty rich so I put it on before bed. At first I didn’t like the scent but now I have gotten used to it. I will probably gift this to a friend though.

photo 4-20

Faye – liquid bronze shimmer, I just used this last week over Thanksgiving and it is really pretty. I’ve never used any color close to a brown so I was pleasantly surprised that I liked this.

Blank Canvas Mattifying Eye Primer – I actually don’t have an eye primer, still haven’t used it yet but that’s besides the point. There hasn’t been a time yet when I felt like my shadow needed to go the extra mile. But when I do, I’ll be ready! This is actually nude colored which I was a little surprised about because other eye primers that I’ve seen go on clear.

photo 5-19

Valerie – teal with iridescent microglitter, in the bottle it looks teal but when I put it on on Saturday it looks like a dark green with a goldish shimmer which was good because Baylor was playing that day and won. All because of my nail polish.


Beatrix – coal black with multidimensional glitter, I saw this on the site and loved it and almost ordered it but I’m so glad I didn’t! It is SO pretty. I used it over a gray polish and it looked great.

Josephine – deep teal gray cream, can’t say I was wowed by this one because I feel like it looks like one I might already have. It will be gifted!

Overall I loved this box – not very Halloween themed but that’s ok. It had some great products that I’ve never tried and some beautiful polishes. The value was around $90 maven dollars. I think these boxes are a great gamble and a steal! Join Julep Maven to get monthly boxes of fun polishes and beauty products!