Random Samples

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve tried out some different samples and products that I thought I would share with you.

photo 3-12

I got both of these sample from my brothers girlfriend who loves makeup as much as I do. The Urban Decay Perversion mascara is pretty good! It has a nice fluffy brush and really lengthens my lashes and comes off easily with makeup remover. The Dr. Brandt pores no more is a cult favorite product that I have seen a lot on Birchbox but have never tried before. It is similar to many other primers I have sampled in that it is sort of oily and I do not like the texture very much on my face. The exception is that is is colored but does not really tint the face. It does provide a smooth base for makeup.

photo 4-10

My brothers girlfriend loves this line of hair care! I also just found out my hair dresser carries the complete line. This small bottle of oil came with the bigger bottle she bought and she let me have it as a sample. It smells AMAZING! A little goes a long way on my wet hair after a shower and it makes it feel very smooth and moisturized. Maybe one day I will try out their shampoo or conditioner.

photo 1-14

This sample of Weleda skin food lotion I haven’t used yet but got for free from Target! They have a site just for samples – currently you can get a sample of Dial Acne Control Face Wash and Body Wash! Just enter your shipping info.

photo 2-22

A friend introduced me to this funky chocolate shop that makes artisinal dark chocolate. Dude, Sweet Chocolate has locations in Dallas and Fort Worth. All their chocolates are handmade in small batches. You can sample anything you want to in their shop! This Stag Party Fudge has Jim Beam whiskey in it and tasted amazing! My friend also likes their hot chocolate and chocolate salami.

photo 3-20

Anyone else have a Clarisonic Mia and love it? My Mema got me and the other ladies in my family one of these a couple of years ago for Christmas. I use it only once a week but it is very effective. Immediately my skin feels exfoliated, fresh and smooth. It works well with any mild cleanser – recently I’ve been using it with my Philosophy Purity face wash (also a Christmas gift from Mema – she knows I like skincare!).

photo 1-21photo 1-9

Have you ever tried Jamberry? Recently my sorority sister Lori, and some other people I know, have started selling it. It’s a direct sales company and you can buy the nail wraps from the website or from one of the consultants. The wraps on my nails I got as a free sample, then I ordered the stripes on the left. I particularly like to use them as accent nails. You find the wrap that matches the width of your nail, peel it off, heat it up with a hair dryer (or little heater they sell), put it on your nail and smooth out, trim off excess, then file in a downward direction to seal it. Since it was my first time I felt like I didn’t seal it very well, but they did stay on my nail very well. They say they can last up to 2 weeks. There is a wide range of patterns, styles and colors. I recommend them if you want a cool style, or nails that last longer than polish.


I tried my first Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment a couple of years ago and loved it! I got the Rose color, but they have a wide range of sheer gorgeous shades. These little sticks go on very smoothly, have a great scent, moisturize, have SPF 15, and have a beautiful color. Sounds great right? It is! I got this mini color, Petal, as a sample in a kit from Sephora a year ago. I just started using it regularly and fell in love with it. Right now at Sephora there are some amazing kits from Fresh with these lippies in them. These are fabulous for presents – keep one for yourself and gift the rest!

Hope you enjoyed my little review!


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