Julep Haul

Once a month if you’re a Julep Maven subscriber they have a secret store with discounted prices. Here’s my picks!

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Bare Body Milk – This is a fairly new Julep product and it is much more lightweight than a normal lotion. It is supposed to skin into skin fast, and I agree that it does. It has milk thistle, olive oil, grapefruit oil and orange peel for moisturizing and brightening skin effects. It has a nice floral scent and this is a huge bottle which will last me a while.

Bare Body Polish – This is not a sugar scrub, but seems to be a very moisturizing scrub with most of the same ingredients as the body milk. It also has aloe and shea butter. I haven’t tried it yet as I am thinking about gifting it – I don’t use polishes very often.

photo 3-11

Jet – Jet Black Creme. I don’t have a black polish! This will be great for Halloween or a chic fall/winter look.

Rita – I didn’t see this color online, but it is a gorgeous raspberry shimmer.

Sienna – Sophisticated, shimmery gold. I already have some golds – I really just wanted the other two.

So on the Julep app each day there is a Secret Score – products at a discounted price. I saw a deal recently I couldn’t pass up.

photo 5-13

Mask Noir – $26.50 (Maven prices listed) An antioxidant-rich peel-off black mask that leaves skin smoother, brighter, and deeply hydrated. I haven’t tried this but it got good reviews on the website – everyone said it made their skin much softer but it was pricey.

Blank Canvas Mattifying Face Primer – $22.40 This age-defying primer creates a smooth, even canvas for gorgeous makeup that lasts all day. Y’all I seriously love this stuff – that’s why I ordered the package. I love the way it smells, and melts into my skin – unlike other primers. It’s made with plant materials that I think really helps to keep the oil at bay as best it can. I needed a backup!

Green Tea Facial Blotting Papers – Perfect for midday touch ups, these natural linen blotting papers absorb oil and shine without removing makeup. I don’t see these online but I bet they’re worth about $5. I can never have too many of these – I keep them in my purse and use 1 a day.

That’s a total of $53.90 that I got for $15! I really just wanted a good deal on the primer but get to try two other products as well! Super excited about this score.

About once a month Julep releases a mystery box – sometimes they tell you an item in it and sometimes not. These are good for people who are trying to build their Julep collection and are usually a mix of nail polish and their other products. I decided to get their Jewel Heist Mystery Box. Usually you can’t use coupons on these, but after reading on My Subscription Addiction I decided to try my %50 off code and it worked! I got this box for $12.50.

photo 1-18

Night Night Overnight Repair for Hands – Reg $48 but on sale for $19.99 This set contains the Luxe Care hand creme and the Luxe Repair skin serum. The serum can be used on face and hands. I tried a little of both and they melted right into my skin. The creme has a light scent that I wasn’t wild about – but it was very thick. The only thing I don’t like is the jar packaging because the ingredients deteriorate after being exposed to air. Other than that I am very happy about this set – two products I haven’t tried yet!

photo 2-17

Faye – $11.20 Maven, Liquid bronze shimmer, I don’t have any brown polish so I think I’ll keep it! It looks really pretty online.

Francis – $11.20 Maven, Celery green creme, I don’t have a polish exactly this shade but I’m not loving it. I prefer a shimmer over a creme. I think I’ll gift it.

Nadia – $4.99 sale, Sun kissed golden frost, I don’t have any yellow so I’ll keep it.

photo 3-16

Lip Vernis in Peony – $5.99 sale, Nude blush creme gloss, I love gloss so I am very excited to try this. Hopefully it’s a good formula!

Padma – $11.20 Maven, Royal Plum creme, Even though purple is my favorite color I feel like I already have a polish similar to this so I will gift it. It is very pretty and fall appropriate though!

 So in total this box amounts to $64.57 (with sale amounts)! That’s a great steal for the $12.50 price I paid. Overall I like these boxes and would keep getting them every once in a while. They are always hit or miss but this one was pretty much a hit for me.

Those are my recent Julep hauls (ordered over a period of time, not all at once!). Gotten anything good from Julep lately?


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