Past Birchboxes

I always love seeing what other people get in their Birchboxes so I thought you might too! I’ll put them all in one post for you to see with the contents and what my favorite product was.

December 2013

My favorite product was the Beauty Protector – I ordered a full size as soon as this was used up. It smells AMAZING sort of like vanilla cookies and really does detangle and leave my hair smooth. I also liked the pretzel and the Embryolisse!

January 2014

I love the Juara cream – it smelled amazing! Sadly the sample was really tiny (one use) and the full size is $35…it’s still on my wishlist. A lot of people love the Klorane dry shampoo, but I am not one of them. I did not like the way it smelled or felt on my hair. I also really hated the 100% pure mascara. It just didn’t work and seemed really dried out – I had to toss it.

February 2014

My favorite product was the Ruby Wing polish! It goes on as a super sparkly gold and in the sun changes to a dark red! It was so fun to see the color change. I plan on buying another color of this someday. I also liked the shampoo and conditioner and would maybe buy more-great price point. I really disliked the perfume and the cream was just ok.

March 2014

  • Mighty Leaf Tea
  • Pop Beauty Aqua Laquer
  • Gilchrist and Soames London Collection Body Lotion
  • Control Corrective Cucumber Bead Cleanser
  • Control Corrective Oil Free Healing Lotion
  • Air Repair Rescue Balm
  • Girarhdelli Intense Dark Cherry Tango

This month I had a lot to review which means more points! My favorite product was the Gilchrist and Soames lotion because it has a nice light scent and melts into skin quickly. I did not like the air repair or the control corrective samples. The Pop gloss was just ok. I also love getting tea and chocolate!

April 2014

My fave was the Sumita eyeliner – a nice smooth dark purple that really stays on. A close second was the polish and the yummy bar. I really disliked the shampoo – it had no lather. Also sad that the bar was not an extra but rather a 5th product so I got one less makeup sample.

May 2014

I thought this was a great box. My favorite was the Caldrea products because they smelled amazing – I am considering buying more. I also liked the Jouer and the Supergoop – it smells great, sort of like lemons! The Kerastase is super expensive and this was a one time use where I couldn’t really see results. I have yet to use the nail art pen because that’s not really my thing.

June 2014

This was another fantastic month with lots of great samples – maybe my favorite! I loved all of the Davines products. The shampoo bottle size was very generous and I got lots of uses out of it. The conditioner and OI I got about 2 uses each but they both smelled amazing and really worked to make my hair soft and smooth. I also loved the Aloe Source creme – it melts into the skin and is very moisturizing. I really wanted the purple color of the lip lube and this coral color was not my fave. I’m not as crazy over this Hello scent or the Liz Earle as other people are but I will still use the samples.

My July BB post is already up and the August one will be soon. Hope you enjoyed my walk down memory lane! What’s your favorite BB product you’ve ever gotten?


One thought on “Past Birchboxes

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of different products to try! It’s always fun to try new things and see if any of the products become favorites!


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