Birchbox Haul

So I had $20 to burn in Birchbox points and there are some things I had been wanting…let’s go shopping!

photo 5-2

Smashbox BB Cream Eyes in Light – I actually tried this out at Sephora before buying online. I currently don’t use any concealers and I don’t have really dark undereye circles but I thought it would just be a nice hilighter under my eyes. It has a brush tip applicator just like the Stila lipglosses, and it is a very creamy formula. It also has SPF 15 which is nice.

photo 1-1

Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette – So I have been wanting to try this for a very long time. I don’t have any of the Urban Decay Naked palettes because they’re $50 and I can’t justify spending that much on some eyeshadow. I do however think they are gorgeous. And this wonderful palette is a dupe of Naked 3. They $34 price tag I feel much better about.

photo 2-1

Here are the outlandishly gorgeous colors. I am so excited about new pinks and shimmery neutrals.

photo 3-1

The set on Birchbox also comes with 3 Coastal Scents brushes: dome shadow, doefoot blender, and large shadow. I don’t really need brushes but I’ll still try them out anyway.

photo 1-2

Suki 2 Step Ultra-Soft Lip Kit – I’ve been reading about this brand a lot on different subscription box websites and the exfoliating foaming cleanser gets fave reviews for the fresh lemony scent and sugar crystals. I was hoping to get a sample in my Birchbox but never did, and the full size is pretty pricey. Then I saw this lip kit and decided it was a great way to try out the product.

photo 2-2

The cleanser is a nice size but when I opened it up it had hardened some – I had read online that it can do that. So I added a little water to soften it. I tried it a little last night and while it does have a nice scent I didn’t feel like it foamed a whole lot. I still had all my makeup on so next time I will take off my makeup first then exfoliate with this. The other product in the set is this 4 swipe formula lip care. It is supposed to heal lips and act as a primer for lipstick. I tried it today and it is nothing like regular chapstick. You have to swipe pretty hard to get it to feel like it’s going on and then it feels like a primer. I didn’t put lipstick on top so I can’t attest to it’s staying power. It also had a nice lemony scent.

photo 4-1

So I don’t normally spend this much in the Birchbox shop at one time, but I had points to burn and I was very intrigued by the offer for Birchbox Aces to use the code to get this Ace Bag. It’s free with a certain order amount and is supposed to contain 3 deluxe samples of products the BB staff is currently obsessed with. The products are a mystery.

photo 4-2

Under normal circumstances I would have loved this mystery bag, but I had literally just ordered the Revealed 2 palette and the Suki cleanser to try in this order! I mean what are the chances of that happening?! I would have liked to try these samples before buying but I took the plunge and bought anyway. Needless to say I was a little disappointed. I emailed them to see if I could try two different samples and I’ll see what they say. If it’s a no go I’ll probably put these up for swaps. I also got a Gilchrist and Soames Spa Therapy body wash. I got a lotion by this company in a past Birchbox and really liked it so I am excited to try this. I love bath and body products. Overall the bag is cute, but in the future I would not forgo a 20% off code or a really good gwp for this again.

UPDATE: They send me a new Ace bag which was really nice, but the bag had the exact same products! Oh well, more samples to swap.

photo 3-2

Just for comparison look how tiny the Suki sample is from my Ace Bag compared to the travel size from my kit. SO TINY!

photo 5-1

Any time you spend $35 in the BB shop you can add on a free mystery sample pack – I almost always try to make my order $35 to add this on because it’s a fun deal. I got Davines Love conditioner which I recently sampled in a BB and really liked. It has a nice floral scent and is much thicker than a traditional conditioner – I got two uses out of this packet. I also got the scent Folle de Joie which I am very excited to try. People have been getting this in their boxes and saying it smells amazing but I never got to try till now. The full size is very expensive so I hope I don’t love it too much!

Well that’s it for this haul – until next time!


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