Influenster #VitatalityVoxBox

This is my second FREE box from Influenster. It’s a great site where you take quizzes and review products in order to get free products! It only took me about a month before I got my first box. If you would like an invite, leave your email below or send me a message. Let’s see what I got!



photo 1

Here’s the product card with all the info on it.

photo 5

First Degree Advanced Burn Cream – This seems sort of like Neosporin – I don’t get burns often but this is a good thing to keep in the medicine cabinet.

photo 4

Elizabeth Arden FLAWLESS FUTURE Serum – This anti aging serum has mini caplets that activate when dispensed which seems pretty cool. It reinforces skins moisture, evens skin tone and texture, and reduces sings of wrinkles. I’ll give it a try tonight and see how I like it. I’m sure I won’t buy it though because the full size is $60 – besides I prefer my serums to have retinol for anti aging.

photo 3

Softlips Cube – This definitely reminds me of the round EOS lip balms you see at Target, but I still like it. It has SPF and softens lips – I felt a tingly sensation when it went on. I got the Vanilla Bean scent but it also comes in Fresh Mint and Pomegranate Blueberry. I got two coupons for $1 off Softlips cubes so maybe I’ll get some more for friends.


Playtex Sport Fresh Balance – These tampons have a light scent plus odor shield – I don’t usually buy scented tampons but I’ll still give these a try. It’s always great to have backups!

photo 2

Pure Leaf Iced Tea – I LOVE iced tea! I am so excited that I got the Lemon flavor because I saw that some other people got unsweetened which I would have liked a little less. I haven’t tasted it yet but I bet it’s extra yummy because it’s fresh brewed!


Bikini Ready Energy Gummies – Select Influensters got a whole bottle of these gummies – as you can see I was not one of them. This gummie is a B-12 vitamin supplement and an energy booster. It says it helps boost metabolism to maximize your workout – let’s just be honest I don’t work out very much so I won’t be buying these. I take vitamin gummies but have never had gummie energy booster – I’m a little afraid to try them out.

So that’s my free #VitalityVoxBox with all my goodies from Influenster to test and review. Again, if you want an invite leave your email or message me – I think it’s a great program that gives you free stuff!


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