August Julep Maven

So I decided to sign up for Julep! If you don’t know what that is, Julep is a subscription box for nail polish and some beauty products. I personally think the polish is great and each month they come out with all new colors! I’ve already ordered several things from Julep so I know which products I like, but I’m also ready to try some new ones. I used this link to sign up and get a 3 month subscription – use code FREEBOX to get the first box free! It’s a great deal. If you do sign up please use my referral code! I can also invite you by email if you leave a comment below. The first month is a welcome box, so it’s not from the current month’s collection. I picked the Bombshell box. Let’s see what I got!



Julep Oxygen Soothing Base Coat – Julep’s oxygen technology lets oxygen permeate nails to help them grow healthy and strong. This was thicker and not clear like a normal base coat – looked more like a strengthener polish. It dried really fast and seemed to set a good base for my polish.


Clearly purple is my favorite color and that’s why I picked this welcome box.

Sera – This was on my wishlist! It is a celestial fog iridescent chrome and it looks gorgeous!

Beverly – This is a boysenberry creme polish, another solid purple.

I’m very happy that I signed up for Julep Maven – the products are great and there are so many perks. You get 20% the site, a secret store once a month, and free shipping! What are you waiting for – go sign up!



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