It’s about time…


My husband has been telling me to start a blog for a while now, and I just shrug him off and say “maybe one day.” Well folks, that day is today. It’s not a momentous day – I’m just sitting on the couch, drinking coffee, watching the Bachelorette and waiting for my clothes to be done in the dryer, but it is a big day because this is a big step for me. I always thought blogs were sort of dumb and that nobody read them. That’s until I started becoming mildly obsessed with beauty and subscription boxes.

It all started when my husband Michael got me a year long subscription to Birchbox this past Christmas (with a lot of hinting from me). In case you’re behind the times, subscription boxes are super popular. The prices range from $10 to upwards of $100 for a usually monthly little present to show up on your doorstep. There are boxes for everything like food, pet toys, makeup, fashion, quirky lifestyle products…AND MORE! Once I discovered this wonderful world I was so intrigued – what are other people getting? What are the products? I then stumbled on this little gem of a blog called My Subscription Addiction that covers almost all the boxes out there. I was amazed! I read almost every post! The author Liz Cadman gets an average of 3 boxes a day. What does she do with all that STUFF?! Where does she put it?? Now I love her blog and have found several more that I read regularly.

From there my love of all things beauty started growing as I became more and more interested in subscription boxes. This blog is a manifestation of that and will talk about beauty, some fashion and my life. Follow along if you want to keep up with trends, know what I’m buying and doing. I never want it to seem like I’m bragging about what I buy but I myself find it so interesting to see what other people pick out that maybe you will too. I hope you enjoy this new adventure I’m starting!


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